Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Disappearing Beaker

Confession: Even though we haven't officially started homeschooling yet this year, three of my students are doing some schoolwork in the mornings if they are not helping me pack. (Moving vans are arriving this weekend, so we will probably forget about school again.)

Mr. D is evaluating a new science curriculum this month: Supercharged Science. He is working on the first unit on Mechanics, but also looking around the website for an overview of the material. He came across this light experiment on Disappearing Beaker, and decided to try it one morning (since we had all three ingredients needed: a pyrex dish, a bigger see-through dish and cooking oil.)

(If you look around, you can see how the rooms are getting empty and you might spot a box or two, although I do try to block messy backgrounds when I can :)

Very cool!!! Mr. D was able to bend the light to make the beaker disappear (harder to tell in the photo). Aurora from Supercharged Science writes:

"Pyrex has the same index of refraction as the oil, which means your eye can’t tell the difference between the two visually because passes through both the same way...

As the index of refraction value increases, the optical density increases, and the speed of light in that material decreases. For a vacuum, the index of refraction is 1.0000 (lowest optical density), and this is where light travels fastest. The index of refraction values give us a way to measure of the relative speed of a light wave in a particular material or medium. If we know the relative speeds, we can predict which way light bends when moving from one medium to another."

So far Mr. D has enjoyed his Supercharged Science lessons, we'll see if this is what we'll use for his 7th grade science!


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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sunday Snapshot {Love}

This is what love looks like!

Grandma and Grandpa came yesterday to pick up a huge load of our belongings - filled up their RV and trailer and brought it to their home. There might be light at end of this tunnel..

Thank you, Grandma & Grandpa! Enjoy the furniture - pretty good trade for letting our us store our stuff in your basement :)

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Sunday Snapshot


Kapteenin vanhemmat kävivät meillä eilen ja täyttivät asuntoautonsa ja peräkärrynsä ihan täyteen meidän laatikoita ja pienempiä huonekaluja, viedäkseen oman kotinsa kellariin. Ehdottomasti rakkautta!!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Moments of Summer/Kesänhetkiä

I don't know about you, but I am just not ready to say good-bye to Summer yet. Even though there is definitely a hint of Fall in the air. (Rain today, all day!)

And even though we have started to do some school work (only half of my students doing half days at best), we are not going to admit summer vacation is over.

This weekend I found myself having special time with only two of my children: Mr. T & Little Miss. (Mr. A & Missy are still in Finland, Mr. D got invited to spend the weekend with friends & the Captain took a trip to Maine to restart renovations up there.)

There really was just one thing to do.

We headed out to our neighborhood ice cream farm! The place we'll miss most in New Hampshire after we leave in September. I will so miss my malted milk ice cream this wonderful state!

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Suomessa taisi alkaa koulut jo tällä viikolla, ja monessa osavaltiossa täälläkin. Vaikka mekin olemme tehneet puolikkaita koulupäiviä puolella perheellä, emme ole vielä valmiita myöntämään, että kesäloma on ohi.
Viikonloppuna sain viettää aikaa Mr. T:n ja Pikkuneidin kanssa (Mr. A & Missy ovat edelleen Suomessa, Mr. D vietti viikonlopun kaverin luona ja Kapteeni kävi aloittamassa remontin Mainen mökillämme), joten minne muualle suuntasimme kuin naapuriston jätskifarmille! Minun tulee niin ikävä suosikkijätskiäni (jota ei saa muualta kuin New Hampshirestä tietyistä jätskipaikoista) tätä ihanaa osavaltiota kun muutamme pois!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

I Wish I Was In Finland/Olisinpa Suomessa!

I'm sure you all know how much us Finns love our sauna (I am SO going to miss my sauna from this house - less than a month here now), but what you think about my sister's hot tub? We've all decided Mr. A & Missy are so lucky to spending a month in Finland.

It has been two years since our last visit to Finland. This amazing hot tub wasn't there then.

37 C equals about 99 F! Which isn't as hot as the sauna would be :)

I think Mr. A is liking it!

I wouldn't want to get out either. Enjoy it, Missy & Mr. A!!

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Olisimmepa Suomessa! Kateellisena katsomme Suomi-kuvia: meidän kaikkien mielestä Mr. A ja Missy ovat onnenlapsia, kun saavat viettää kuukauden Suomessa!! Kaksi vuotta sitten viimeisellä reissullamme, mökillä ei ollut vielä siskon ja hänen miehensä uutta vesipaljua... Huomenna on myös rippilapsemme konfirmaatio.. Miksemme ole siellä??

Friday, August 12, 2011

Random Photos/Erinäisiä kuvia

Random photos in random order. All from today. Amidst packing we actually stopped to smell the roses. And the Mothership is doubling up as a moving truck/plumbing supply van ;-)


Sekalaisia kuvia sekalaisessa järjestyksessä, kaikki tänään otettuja. Pakkaamisen keskellä itse asiassa pysähdyimme ihastelemaan kukkia. Ja Mothership-asuntoautomme toimi muuttoautona ja putkimiehen rekkana ;-)

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sunday Snapshot {Finland Photos}

Missy and Mr. A seem pretty happy in Finland, don't you think? Photos sent by my parents.
Missy ja Mr. A näyttävät aika onnellisilta Suomessa, eikös? Kuvat vanhemmiltani (kiitos!).


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Friday, August 5, 2011

Memory Lane/Muistojen tie

I realized this week I need to get in high gear and start packing up our belongings. After the house inspection on Wednesday selling our house became a little more real. Today I accomplished going through one hutch, three kids' closets, and carried a bunch of boxes from the basement to the garage. (So glad I spent a few weeks last summer going through all our stuff!)

What slowed things down was the stop at Memory Lane... Gosh, how dorky cute did we look way back when before kids???

Maybe four months pregnant with quads? Honestly, I have no idea how far along I was..

Summer 1999 on Nantucket Island.

There were many many more photos that I just may have to upload to facebook tonight ;-)

With Grandpa's help we filled up the trailer and Grandpa's car - the first of many many loads before our house is empty... If this blog quiets down for the next 1.5 months, you'll know what we are doing. And in case you are wondering where our belongings are going - for now to the Captain's parents' basement. Our camp in Maine is going to go through major renovations and isn't ready for a houseload of stuff.


Tällä viikolla tajusin, että meidän pitää aloittaa talon pakkaaminen. Onneksi saimme tehtyä ison osan jo vuosi sitten, mutta nyt näyttää siltä, että talollemme on oikeasti löytyneet ostajat. Kymmenen päivän kuluttua pitäisi varmasti tietää, ja kauppakirjat kirjoitetaan syyskuun alussa, eli eipä tässä ole kauheasti aikaa saada omaisuus laatikoihin. Tänään aloitin, mutta työtä hidasti pysäkki Muistojen tiellä :) Saimme kuitenkin peräkärryllisen lähetettyä isoisän mukaan - heidän kellariinsa, koska mökkimme Mainessä tarvitsee isoa remonttia, emmekä voi viedä talollista tavaramäärää sinne. Jos blogi hiljenee, tiedätte mitä me olemme tekemässä...

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Two To Finland/Kaksi Suomeen

Our traveling summer continues.. At least for part of our family. We said goodbyes to Missy and Mr. A today, as they joined my sister (and her three little ones) in Boston, and are on their way to Finland at the moment. They were so excited to go, and we are happy they get to go visit Muori and Vaari (their Finnish grandparents), but it sure feels empty at our house tonight. They will be gone all of August...

I must be getting rusty at blogging. I never even thought to take a picture of them when they left, nor ask the Captain to take a picture at the airport.. Oops!! I guess I was too busy holding them a moment longer... I did send messages to my sister to take some pics, and hope she gets internet at the Amsterdam airport, where they have a layover tonight. The photo above from my parents' cabin in Finland is from years ago when our big kids were not so big yet. Hopefully my sister (or mom) will send some pictures I can add here tomorrow.

Kiitos, äiti, kuvasta!!


Tällä hetkellä kaksi lapsistamme on matkalla Suomeen!! He treffasivat Bostonissa siskoni ja hänen kolme lastaan, ja yhdessä jatkoivat matkaa. Yöllä on vaihto Amsterdamissa, ja huomenaamulla pääsevät perille Helsinkiin. Lasten lähtiessä minulle ei tullut mieleenkään ottaa heistä kuvaa, eikä Kapteenikaan huomannut ottaa lentokentällä. Toivottavasti sisko tai äiti lähettää huomenna kuvia, joita voin laittaa tänne. Tuo yllä oleva on otettu vuosia sitten, kun koululaiset eivät olleet vielä niin isoja... Kuva vanhempieni mökiltä Suomessa.