Sunday, July 26, 2015

To Hubei

Today after breakfast Linda, our guide, picked us up with our driver, and took us to Beijing airport. It was time to fly to our daughter's province to meet her.

If you look carefully, you might see a rainbow in the picture above. Very faint, and I pretty much missed it with my camera, but I looked out and down the window, and spotted it! A rainbow below us! The rainbow to us is a sign of God's promises, and I loved the reminder as we step out in faith to adopt another little girl.

Arriving in Wuhan.

We were concerned about the flooding in Wuhan, but as you can see in the above photo, we didn't have to worry about it. We saw some puddles, that's all. (Thank You, God!)

We didn't meet our province guide yet, but was picked up and brought to our hotel in Wuhan.

Walking into the room the first thing we saw was a crib for Mei Mei! This is becoming very real, here. What is wonderful is Little Miss becoming excited again, too. She has wished for a little sister, but lately has had her doubts about it.

Tomorrow is the day! We were told to come down to lobby at 2:30 pm, and we assume we will drive to an government office where we will meet Mei Mei.


Our driver pointed a restaurant near the hotel for dinner, and we liked the recommendation very much. The food here in China has been so so amazing!!! Good thing we walk so much and sweat so much, otherwise our clothes would get too tight quick ;-)

After dinner there was thunder, lightning and rain, so I quickly snapped a few shots, and we rushed back to the hotel.

Mr A caught this lightning shot from our hotel room! We have quite the view...

Tomorrow is a big day, so we are ready to turn in. If you think of us, please pray all goes well, and for Mei Mei's heart to be prepared. Thank you! We will update when we can!


Kaikki hyvin Wuhanissa. Ei tulvia, lätäköitä vain...?? Huoneessa on jo pieni sänky Mei Meille!! Olemme kovin innoissamme, myös Pikkuneiti, joka kyllä pyysi pikkusiskoa, mutta viime aikoina ei ole ollut kovin varma enää...

Huomenna treffaamne paikallisen oppaamme ensi kerran 14:30 (joku muu haku meidät kentältä...), ja ehkä sitten menemme hakemaan Mei Meitä...??

Kävimme syömässä illalla hotellin lähellä, ja takaisin tullessa oli kova ukkosmyrsky. Mr A sai otettua yhden salamakuvan hotellihuoneemme ikkunasta.

Nyt nukkumaan. Huomenna on tärkeä päivä. Kiitos esirukouksistanne!! Laitamme päivitystä, heti kun vaan pystymme.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

To the Great Wall

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After Summer Palace yesterday we had a delicious lunch (the food here is incredible!!!) at the Farmers' restaurant, and then drove to the Great Wall. It was the same spot we had visited nine years ago in December, but looked very different in the summer time, and was way more crowded. And hot.

Mr A was the rock star and climber high and far, with my camera. I quickly edited these three pics, there might be more later. Little Miss climber higher than mama, too! My trouble was not climbing up, it was coming down - I felt so dizzy I didn't dare to go high. Little Miss complained about her head as she went higher up.

We have to leave for the airport, but the last pictures are from our visit to the Tea Room. Very special!

Saturday Morning at Summer Palace

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We spent a wonderful morning at Summer Palace. It was breathtakingly beautiful, and we loved our every moment there walking around, and taking a boat across Kunming Lake. There were a lot of older people performing and singing, playing instruments, and families enjoying the day together. The lake brought in a welcome breeze from the heat. The old buildings were magnificent, and all the paintings so gorgeous.

After Summer Palace we had lunch and went to Great Wall, which will be another post, when I get a chance. Little Miss and Mr A enjoyed the day a lot, too, Mr A climbed way higher than the rest of us. Tomorrow morning we fly to Wuhan (major flooding there), and on Monday we meet Mei Mei!

Friday, July 24, 2015

In Beijing/Pekingissä

Our flight from US was delayed two hours, but since it was a direct flight, we were fine. It did make a long day, though.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug 

We watched movies, read books, ate, and slept during our almost 14 hour flight.

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Almost there! After immigration, luggage and customs, I got all choked up when I saw a lady holding a sign with my name.

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At Beijing airport we spotted one of many squat potties we were going to encounter.

We were picked up by our Beijing driver (who doesn't speak English, and whose name I can't pronounce), and our guide Linda helped us to get checked into our hotel and brought us all the way to our room. She is great.

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On Friday we met Linda in the lobby at 9:40 am (after some sleep and a breakfast buffet), and she had us run all day:) We saw Tiananmen Square and Forbidden City, had a great old Beijing style lunch, and then visited New Day Foster Home. We delivered the goodies, got a tour, and visited with the children, staff and volunteers. What a wonderful place!

We are our own group here, but at the same hotel are three other adoptive families with a different agency, so we've been able to visit a little at breakfast time.

Just a quick recap, we are off to Summer Palace and Great Wall today. Wifi has been very spotty. All is well and we are having a grand time!! Thanks for praying for us!!!


Yritän lisätä suomennuksen myöhemmin, nyt meidän pitää mennä! Mutta kaikki hyvin, mutta netti on surkea, eikä luppoaikaa ole:) Kiitos rukouksista!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Time to Go/Aika lähteä!!!!!

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If there are no delays, when this publishes, we should be up in the air..... traveling to China!!!! Watch for updates here, and on our facebook page...

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Last family photo without Mei Mei:)

PS. Missy, Mr D, Mr T and Capt'n - we miss you already.....


Jos ei ole ollut viivästyksiä, kun tämä blogipostaus ilmestyy, meidän pitäisi olla jo lentokoneessa kohti Kiinaa........! Yritän päivittää täällä, ja myös facebook-sivuilla...

Saturday, July 18, 2015

A Few More Tidbits from Nantucket

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Our luxurious Nantucket accommodations have evolved as we have stayed on the island longer. The airy minimalistic look is in upstairs, and downstairs there is a garden suite available with hand-picked one-of-a-kind pieces for decorations. (Please note the exquisite headboard!)

What a project. At times it has seemed like we have been moving mountains.
Wait...! We have been moving mountains ;-)

Having our boys back from their adventures have made our work so much easier.

And funnier.

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And speaking of funny boys....

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I am glad we have had the guys here making life lighter. Otherwise we all just might be crying as we work. It really was a sad day when we said goodbye to the little Willy's Jeep.

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Are you as impressed as I am?

Who needs professional movers?? Grandma and Grandpa took this baby off island yesterday.

(I'll post some pictures on Facebook from the ferry.)

PS. I am hoping to post China updates to Our Mothership Facebook page if blogging is too challenging with limited wifi. Make sure to like and follow our page:)


Muutama kuva vielä saarelta. Tänään näyttäisi siltä, että lähdemme sunnuntaiaamuna Maineen. Työtä riittää vielä, vaikka Kapteenin vanhemmat veivätkin ison kuorman huonekaluja Maineen eilen. Laitan pari kuvaa autolautalta facebookiin.

PS. Yritän päivittää Kiinan reissua ja adoptiota täällä blogissa, mutta jos netti pelaa huonosti, laitan päivityksiä Mothership-facebooksivuille.