Wednesday, July 15, 2015

July Update/Heinäkuun päivitystä

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So, what is all this craziness with Our Mothership Adventures this summer? After spending a couple of weeks working hard getting our Maine camp ready for summer rentals, what was next?

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Relaxing on picturesque Nantucket Island, celebrating Fourth of July with Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt C, Uncle P and cousins?

Not quite. This Nantucket family vacation has looked a lot different.

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Our time on the island has been full of work, and full of changes. Furniture has been tagged, and most have already gone to storage (as of today). Some will head to Maine, some will stay on the island, and some will travel to Florida. The little Willy's Jeep sold. We are sleeping on the floor on mattresses. Yes, we are saying goodbye to this wonderful old house.

The cousins left the island, and we took a break from work to give a proper goodbye wave by Brandt Point.

Today a crew of four strong men arrived to help with the heavy items. It was a hot day (no air conditioning), and the old house has small doorways and narrow stairways. We were so thankful to have such a cheery, hardworking crew from Mainland Connection to do all the heavy lifting. Thank you!!!! Grandma, Grandpa, the Captain and our boys deserve many thanks, too - it was a full day of hard work. (Us girls did laundry, feeding, photographing and odd jobs.)

I did catch a funny moment or two:)

There they go....

And next on the agenda.... Our Mothership Adventures goes to China....!


Tämä meidän Nantucketin lomamme on ollut vähän erilainen tänä vuonna. Pakkaamista, muuttamista, paljon työtä, paljon muutoksia. On aika sanoa hyvästit rakkaalle vanhalle jeepille ja ihanalle vanhalle talolle. Huonekaluista osa menee varastoon täällä saarella, osa menee Maineen, ja osa Floridaan. Työtä riittää.

Mutta seuraavaksi on edessä Kiinan reissu!


  1. Yes, Sharron, it has been sad!

  2. Awe. I was hoping it was just me. Praying for you all!!

    1. Thank you, Sharron! My in-laws have had this house for so long.... It will be a good thing, it is the right thing to do, but so sad nevertheless.