Saturday, July 25, 2015

To the Great Wall

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After Summer Palace yesterday we had a delicious lunch (the food here is incredible!!!) at the Farmers' restaurant, and then drove to the Great Wall. It was the same spot we had visited nine years ago in December, but looked very different in the summer time, and was way more crowded. And hot.

Mr A was the rock star and climber high and far, with my camera. I quickly edited these three pics, there might be more later. Little Miss climber higher than mama, too! My trouble was not climbing up, it was coming down - I felt so dizzy I didn't dare to go high. Little Miss complained about her head as she went higher up.

We have to leave for the airport, but the last pictures are from our visit to the Tea Room. Very special!


  1. Hei, sinä rohkea ja reipas rouva!
    Jännittävää lukea näitä Kiinan kuulumisianne, kiitos!
    Sitten joskus olisi mukavaa saada tietää, miten Little Miss koki matkan.
    Muistan teitä kaikkia rukouksissani. Siunausta ja varjelusta!

  2. Jarjettoman upeita kuvia! :) Tuonne minakin joskus haluaisin.