Saturday, March 28, 2015

Chives, Thyme, Basil, Cilantro, Tarragon

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Yesterday we put our green thumbs to work.

Well, at least our thumbs and fingers.

One of the boys walked over to see what we were working on, and innocently asked if any of our previous plantings had ever grown anything.

Like that has anything to do with anything.

We planted Chives, Thyme, Basil, Cilantro, Tarragon, and Easter grass!

And now we wait. With hopeful hearts. Again.


Pikkuneidin kanssa istutimme yrttejä eilen. Isoveli käveli katsomaan, mitä täällä tapahtuu, ja sattui kysymään: "Onko mikään teidän istutettu kasvi koskaan alkanut kasvamaan?" Niinkuinsilläolisimitäänasiankanssatekemistä.

Nyt odotetaan.

Monday, March 23, 2015

How to Survive an RV Trip by Missy

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Surviving an RV trip is a lot more complicated than it seems. It is a test of patience and a test on how quickly you can adapt to a new lifestyle. But once you tackle how to survive, traveling can be an enjoyable experience.

When you first start traveling in your RV, it will take some getting used to. But after awhile you start realizing what you do and don't need. The key to packing is the bare essentials. Over packing will make your life miserable. In addition to this, you have to always put everything back the way it should be, or else you will find nothing.

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In addition to the end result of family bonding, another great thing about traveling in an RV is homeschooling. You can do your work on the road, and sometimes visit the places you're learning about! Electives include "Persevering Through Traffic Jams" both outside and inside the vehicle. Another good one is the art of bed making, where students learn how to completely disassemble their bed and how to turn it into a table without hurting anyone with the two ton table top.

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Next is speed. I'm talking about getting up in the morning and preparation for bed. You have to accomplish everything in the least amount of time possible. That means no spending an hour in the bathroom. One bathroom and seven people sharing it means a high risk of getting walked in on. Getting up early has it's advantages, one being a little peace and quiet. You can brush your teeth in peace, and then not have to do it during rush hour. But if you just so happen to sleep in, good luck. A good time to get ready for bed is when everyone else is watching a movie. The downside to this of course is that you miss the movie.

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The next complication of living in an RV with your family is the issue of personal space, and the fact that you get none. There really is no way to avoid this, especially with a family of seven. With no such thing as elbow room or a personal bubble, it can be very challenging at times to get along. But after your family adapts to being in each others' bubbles, they will be closer than ever. So close that you can tell who cut the cheese.

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Which leads to lunch time. Be prepared to eat sandwich after sandwich, with the occasional microwaved soup. When you're not eating out for lunch, you're eating a sandwich. To avoid hating sandwiches for the rest of your life, switch it up every day if you can, or put something strong tasting like mustard inside. Dinner is eaten in shifts and is usually a crock pot dish. It is my favorite meal of the day because it is not a sandwich.

Chores are generally a lot easier too, provided everyone is outside when you decide to vacuum the sand of Florida and the mud from Maine. For those who hate vacuuming, if you are given the option of vacuuming and wiping the windshield, take the vacuum. Bugs still haven't grasped the concept of looking both ways before crossing the street. That's a lesson for you, kids.

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I've learned so much during my time in the RV, and no matter how bad the trip was, I look back on it as a life changing experience because the bad stuff is what I'll probably remember as the best stuff.

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Friday, March 13, 2015

March Madness

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It may appear like Our Mothership Adventures has been sleeping. So sorry for the radio silence. All is well here. In fact, we've been quite busy!

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We are now longer at the campground, and really enjoy having real beds and a real kitchen and a laundry room. And internet! Yes, we love the Mothership - for traveling. When stationary, a house is preferable.

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Grandma and Grandpa drove down from Maine to Florida about two weeks ago. They are staying at (the same!) campground we were at. We love having them here in Florida, and spending time together!

About a week ago my nephew arrived from Finland, and is settling into our strange life:)

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On other news: Missy got braces! And is as gorgeous as ever!

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In addition to homeschooling, mama has been studying as well - photography! Taking a new class, trying to learn Photoshop, and starting another class on Monday.

Little Miss lost a tooth.

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And grew again! She turned 9 this week!

We had a fun time celebrating Little Miss with family around.

Florida in March is a good place to be:)


Tällaiset kuvaterkut tällä kertaa:) Asumme taas oikeassa talossa, asuntoauto on itse asiassa parhaillaan korjattavana, ja päädyimme siihen tulokseen, että asuntoautossa on kiva matkustaa, mutta kun olemme paikoillamme, tarvitsemme enemmän tilaa. Ja onneksi saimmekin, isovanhemmat Mainestä tulivat noin kaksi viikkoa sitten (tosin yöpyvät asuntoautossaan leirintäalueella), ja siskonpoikani saapui Suomesta viikko sitten. Arkeen kuuluu kotikoulua, valokuvausta (uusia kursseja), yhdessäoloa. Missy sai raudat! Ja Pikkuneidiltä lähti hammas samalla viikolla, kun hän täytti yhdeksän vuotta. Paljon terkkuja lämpimästä Floridasta!!