Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Historic Jamestowne

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The next homeschool field trip destination was Historic Jamestowne in Virginia. Our nephew B hitched a ride in our Mothership, and was quite pleased with his luck.

Historic Jamestowne is the site of the first permanent English settlement in America. The site is jointly administered by the National Park Service and The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation on behalf of Preservation Virginia.

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Admission to Historic Jamestowne was free for my sister's family, as they are military. The Captain and I only had to pay for two adults as children fifteen and younger were free. What a good year for us all to come! (Hours here.)

There was a lot of information at the visitor center, and a short (maybe 20 minutes?) educational film about the history of Jamestowne. Even the six year old really enjoyed it!

After the visitor center you walk out to the historic site where everything happened. Where Captain John Smith, Pocahontas, and John Rolfe actually walked.

Last year we visited the Jamestown Settlement (nearby) where you also learn a lot at the visitor center, then head out to a living history area. I think the kids got a more out of the Jamestown Settlement, especially being able to visit the Powhatan Village, and climb on board replicas of Susan Constant and Discovery.

But we all enjoyed Historic Jamestowne, also. We first walked all around the Old Towne, where the site of the 1607 James Fort, the remains of of the 1600's Church Tower, and the 1907 Memorial Church is located.

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It was a beautiful day to enjoy walking around the site of the original 1607 settlement. You can read more about the history here.

We visited Historic Jamestowne Saturday afternoon. It was a quiet time to visit, however, no guided tours were offered. Also, we had purchased some Junior Ranger Programs, but didn't realize we didn't have enough time to complete them and get the patches. Fortunately the little kids didn't understand enough about the program, and were probably equally happy with the lemonade juice pouches back in the motorhome. The gift shop closed at 4:30, the grounds at dusk, and at least two hours were required for the Junior Ranger booklets. Oops!

The Historic Jamestowne archaeologists are currently digging outside the western palisade of James Fort, near where the remains of Captain Bartholomew Gosnold, a principal promoter and vice admiral leader of the Jamestown colony, were found. No digging was going on this Saturday. (Dig update.)

The site of the first landing. 1607. Four hundred and seven years ago.

The historians are learning more about Jamestowne's sad past. After winter of 1609, only 60 of the original 214 settlers at Jamestown survived the "starving time".

At the Nathalie P. and Alan M. Voorhees Archaearium, you can learn more. There was one exhibit with human remains some of our little ones didn't visit. The story of Jane, particularly, was quite disturbing.

Ambler Mansion ruins and recreated foundations outline excavated structures in New Towne.


Make sure to keep your eyes open for deer, turtles, and other wildlife in the park!


And if you were extra lucky you may have seen this beautiful rig in there, too:)

Sunday, April 27, 2014

A Walk in the Woods/Kävely metsässä

One day after all homeschool work was completed, my sister and I packed up all the kids, eight and under, in the Suburban and went to explore some new trails.

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After spending some time first at the play ground, my sister stayed back with the littlest (and stroller), and I took four of the kids out on the wooded trail.

Very soon into our walk I heard a little rustling, turned to look to my right, and saw a snake!!! I told the kids: "ok, time to head back!". But they didn't want to! And when I explained why I was ready to turn around, one of them wanted to see the "cute snake". So we turned around to go look at it.

Since I didn't want to give them my fear of snakes. And I wanted to be a good homeschool mom/aunt. The funny thing is the longer we looked at this garter snake (not in any of these photos - you're welcome), the less afraid I was.

So we continued on. Little Miss was a little hesitant, but was very brave. Like Mama.

We agreed not to get off the trail or pick up any sticks, and I think we made enough noise to scare any creatures away.

We really enjoyed our walk!

(And were secretly very relieved to get back to the parking lot without any more sightings.)


Yhtenä päivänä tällä viikolla suuntasimme kävelylenkille metsään kotikoulun jälkeen. Kävely meinasi jäädä kovin lyhyeksi sen jälkeen, kun näin käärmeen vieressäni, mutta rohkeana kotikouluopettajaäitinä-ja tätinä katselimme käärmettä jonkin aikaa, sitten rohkeina jatkoimme matkaa. Kiva reissu oli, ja bonuksena metsän vieressä oli leikkipuistokin. Helpottuneena palasin takaisin parkkipaikalle - emme onneksi nähneet enempää kamalia otuksia!!

Friday, April 25, 2014

From the Passenger's Window/Apukuskin ikkunasta

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The Captain loves to drive the Mothership. Loves it. Which makes mothershipping so much fun.
(He also has me to bring him drinks and snacks.)

That is, if I'm not hanging out the window, snapping photos.

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These were mostly taken driving through Virginia, but there may have been a few from West Virginia. My apologies for forgetting which were from where.

Gorgeous country.

Any blurriness on these photos can be blamed on the Captain's mad racing advanced driving skills. (GPS: Speed warning. Curve ahead.)

It is so amazing to drive though this vast country. There is so much to see, so much diversity, so many miles to cover. Wouldn't you want to....

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... hop in one of these for an adventure of your own?


Kuvia apukuskin ikkunasta, otettuna ajomatkan varrelta. Kuski ajaa, apukuski kurkistelee avoimesta ikkunasta ulos kameran kanssa:) Kuvia Virginian teiden varrelta, mahdollisesti myös länsi-Virginiaa. Tässä suuressa maassa on niin paljon nähtävää, täältä löytyy monenlaista Amerikkaa... Eikös sinuakin kiinnostaisi hypätä asuntoauton kyytiin ja lähteä seikkailemaan?