Sunday, April 27, 2014

A Walk in the Woods/Kävely metsässä

One day after all homeschool work was completed, my sister and I packed up all the kids, eight and under, in the Suburban and went to explore some new trails.

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After spending some time first at the play ground, my sister stayed back with the littlest (and stroller), and I took four of the kids out on the wooded trail.

Very soon into our walk I heard a little rustling, turned to look to my right, and saw a snake!!! I told the kids: "ok, time to head back!". But they didn't want to! And when I explained why I was ready to turn around, one of them wanted to see the "cute snake". So we turned around to go look at it.

Since I didn't want to give them my fear of snakes. And I wanted to be a good homeschool mom/aunt. The funny thing is the longer we looked at this garter snake (not in any of these photos - you're welcome), the less afraid I was.

So we continued on. Little Miss was a little hesitant, but was very brave. Like Mama.

We agreed not to get off the trail or pick up any sticks, and I think we made enough noise to scare any creatures away.

We really enjoyed our walk!

(And were secretly very relieved to get back to the parking lot without any more sightings.)


Yhtenä päivänä tällä viikolla suuntasimme kävelylenkille metsään kotikoulun jälkeen. Kävely meinasi jäädä kovin lyhyeksi sen jälkeen, kun näin käärmeen vieressäni, mutta rohkeana kotikouluopettajaäitinä-ja tätinä katselimme käärmettä jonkin aikaa, sitten rohkeina jatkoimme matkaa. Kiva reissu oli, ja bonuksena metsän vieressä oli leikkipuistokin. Helpottuneena palasin takaisin parkkipaikalle - emme onneksi nähneet enempää kamalia otuksia!!


  1. HUI!!!!!! Ma inhoan kaarmeita. Olisin vamaan kirkunut ja potkinyt pakoon. Olit rohkea. Hatunnosto! :D Ihania kuvia! (jalleen kerran)

  2. Good job mom! I'm much more afraid of mice than I am snakes. Maybe afraid isn't the right word....disgusted. That's the word!The problem is that I have no earthly clue which ones are poisonous and which ones are not.

  3. Looks like a beautiful way to spend the day! I used to be so afraid of snakes, I still don't like them but now that I have kids and live in a place where snakes are either "good"to have around or "really bad"- I find myself checking them out to see which catagory they fall in!

  4. Voi miten ihanaa pikkuväkeä! :) Ihanaa, että olette saaneet viettää aikaa yhdessä.

  5. Ina, yllätin itseni:) Ja kiitos<3

    Sharron, I'm the opposite. Mice disgust me, but I'm not really afraid of them. I have no clue about the different types, either. I had to google (again) to see which one this was. Googling snake pictures is horrible!!!!!!

    Gayly, good to have around??? Now I'm not sure I want to visit your area of the country ;-)

    Eikös, Tiina:) Ikävä jo taas..