Tuesday, October 21, 2014

To the West/Länteen!

It is pretty challenging to keep up with blogging when you are traveling, snapping hundreds of photos, and seeing new places every day. Here's a short recap of this past week's travels, and I'm also hoping to do blog posts on the individual places we visited, later.

A week ago Sunday we left Cape Cod, Massachusetts, in the Mothership. We drove to upstate New York, and on Monday we continued driving through New York, Pennsylvania and Ohio, into Indiana. No fun stops yet, we had get-there-itis:)

On Tuesday we drove from Indiana through Illinois into Iowa. We stopped in West Des Moines and had our first fun stop - at a mall:) The Captain needed to bring his iPad into the Apple store, so we took advantage of that need, and shopped a bit. The teens also attended their live math class with Mr. D Math. During their geometry, the Captain, Little Miss and I had a mini date at the Cheesecake Factory.

On Wednesday we drove to South Dakota. Our first time! We spent about a half day at the Laura Ingalls Wilder Homestead in De Smet, SD. It was quiet there this time of the year, but still worth visiting, and it felt great to be roaming about after traveling for awhile. Afterward we drove to Pierre, SD, and boondocked at Walmart.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

On Thursday morning we drove to Wall, South Dakota, and after seeing gazillion roadside ads for Wall Drug, we were curious enough, and stopped there for breakfast.

We also spent a few hours at a campground, since we needed to fill our water tank, empty our full tanks, and we looked forward to taking long showers and washing laundry there, too. After a few days of traveling a housekeeping stop was sorely needed.

At breakfast, we were reading the story behind Wall Drug (read here), and also discovered Badlands Loop Road starts in Wall! We had wanted to drive the Loop Road, but in the haze of travel and poor wifi, we had set our GPS for Mount Rushmore, and were planning on checking out Badlands afterward.

In Little Miss' school work we had just read Psalm 23, about how God guides us along the right paths, and it was neat to see how God (and Wall Drug ads, haha) directed us to Wall, SD.

We swapped our order of sightseeing, and so enjoyed our drive through Badlands.

From Badlands we continued on to Rapid City, SD, and on Friday morning we drove to Mount Rushmore National Park. Another first for our family! Wow - so neat to see in person, and we enjoyed learning about the construction.

We didn't spend a long time at Mount Rushmore. Our next stop was Devil's Tower in Wyoming. We spotted it far in the distance, and the closer we got the more impressive it was. A great place to stretch our legs and go on a little hike, too!

Friday night we boondocked at Walmart, again, and early Saturday morning headed south. Our generator had been struggling for a while now, and completely quit on us Thursday night. We had also used up all our coach battery, so nothing was working inside the RV. The Mothership was driving fine, fortunately, and we really enjoyed the scenery from Wyoming to Colorado.

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We pulled into a campground in Grand Junction, Colorado, and plugged in. As soon as we did that, we were able to charge our devices, use the microwave oven, and the fridge started getting power. We stayed put, and did more laundry and housekeeping.

Saturday morning everything was good to go, and we took a day trip to Moab, Utah. We visited the Arches National Park. Badlands was breathtaking, Mount Rushmore so impressive, Devil's Tower incredible, and now Utah's Arches were almost overwhelming.

God's country, for sure!

What an amazing week it has been. We have had a great time traveling as a family, and seeing places we've never been to. The best part? We are still in the middle of our trip. And what's next? We're not sure, yet:) We're at a conference in Colorado, now, and haven't quite decided which way to go from here.

Stay tuned!


Hui, mikä viikko takana! Paljon ajamista itärannikolta länteen. Uusia paikkoja, uusia nähtävyyksiä, ja paljon yhteistä aikaa perheen kanssa. Matkan kohokohtia tähän asti ovat olleet Laura Ingalls Wilder'in kotimuseo, South Dakotan Badlands-kansallispuisto ja presidenttien päät Mount Rushmore'lla, Devil's Tower Wyomingissa, Coloradon kauneus ja Moab'in alue Utah'in osavaltiossa. Nyt olemme Coloradossa konferenssissa, emmekä tiedä vielä minne suuntaamme seuraavaksi:)

Tässä tällainen pikakelaus viikon reissuista, yritän tehdä yksityiskohtaisempia postauksia eri nähtävyyksistä, jossain välissä. Netti on ollut vähän surkeaa matkan varrella, ja kun joka päivä ollaan vierailtu uusissa paikoissa, ja kuvia on tullut otettua muutama (!), ei ole jäänyt aikaa tietokoneelle.

Upea reissu kyllä ollut!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Privateer Lynx

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One of the reasons we went to Nantucket last weekend was to see the Privateer Lynx.

Lynx is a replica of the 1812 square topsail schooner, and launched in 2001 in Rockport, Maine. Today she is a sailing classroom (instead of fighting the British:).

Thursday night we attended a lecture at the Whaling Museum by Donald Peacock on the history of Lynx, and on the Battle of Nantucket in 1814. Fascinating to learn about both, then stepping on Lynx the next day to go on a sail.

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We had a gorgeous fall day for our two hour sail.

All passengers were put to work immediately.

The Lynx was flying three flags: the American flag, "Don't Give Up the Ship" and "Live Free or Die".

We enjoyed helping on the ship, learning about the ship, and our conversations with the crew.

Some lines had gotten tangled, so one of the sailors (first mate, I believe) climbed up to fix them. He looked very comfortable up there, but I had to hang onto my Captain's arm to take the pictures.

As we approached the shore again, the sailors fired one of the carronades at Brandt Point.

On Saturday night (10/11), the carronades were fired once a minute for 35 minutes to commemorate the Battle of Nantucket from two hundred years earlier - one of the reasons why the Lynx was on Nantucket that weekend.

We really had a wonderful experience on board the Lynx and learning about history. Thank you so much, Grandma and Grandpa! We enjoyed our whole Nantucket visit so much.

We will return again next year!

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On our way back to mainland on Sunday we spotted the Lynx on a sail. What a fantastic photo opportunity! She sure is a beauty!

You can learn more about Privateer Lynx here, the history, and educational opportunities. Check out if this tall ship is coming your way, and definitely go visit. Lynx is registered at the Portsmouth, NH, port, but was headed south from Nantucket.