Saturday, October 30, 2010

Have A Safe Halloween/Turvallista pyhäinpäivää!

From Day and night, two fairies, an archer & his target and our Roman soldier.
t. Yö ja päivä, kaksi keijua, jousimies ja maalitaulu, sekä roomalainen sotilas

Monday, October 25, 2010

Pumpkin Festival/Kurpitsafestarit

Back in New England we have a favorite neighborhood farm with farm animals, ice cream, corn maze, and in the Autumn: pumpkins and Fall festivals. So when I heard about Hunsader Farms and their Fall Festival, I immediately thought of our little, cozy, friendly farm and was so ready to go.

As we approached Hunsader Farms, it started to become clear this was no cute little smallville fair. There were cars. And lines. And fields of cars. A line to park. A line to get in. And people. Lots and lots of people. Rows of port-a-potties. A part of me wanted to turn around and head to New England for pumpkins. Or at least back to the beach to go swimming!

But onward we pressed. In the blazing sunshine and heat, with no cool ocean breeze. Pumpkin cannon, corn cannons. Trapeze swings, food, games, hay rides, radio-controlled airplanes, antique cars, games, food, motorcycle thrills, vendors and more food. Not that we did all that, but some, and it sure was fun to walk around, to watch, and to enjoy a hot dog or a shaved ice.

A couple of highlights:

Little Miss' first circus, and the second time for the big kids. Small, yet pretty impressive! At least for the kids :)

And the pony ride. A long anticipated, yet a bit feared. See - mommy couldn't climb on the pony with Little Miss ;-) Yesterday she was brave enough to have a pony ride! Yay Little Miss!!

(At the end of the day we were hot and dirty and needed a swim even before the shower. Then slept well. Really well.)


Kun kuulin paikallisesta kurpitsafestarista, ihan kuvittelin meidän Uuden Englannin pikkuruisen naapuristofarmin jäätelöineen, maissipeltoineen ja eläimineen, ja pakkohan sinne oli mennä - vähän niin kuin kotikonnuilla pohjoisessa. Mutta ehei: tämä festivaali olikin ihan toista laitaa - lapset taisivat verrata sitä Disney Worldiin ;-) Autoa, porukkaa, jonoja, porukkaa!! Silti, kivaa oli, vaikkei meidän lapset ihan kaikkea saaneetkaan kokea. Pieni sirkus ja Pikkuneidin poniajelu taisivat olla päivän kohokohtia, sekä takaisintullessa meriuinti jopa ennen suihkussa käyntiä :)

Friday, October 22, 2010

Morning, Noon And Night

Some pictures from this week - mostly from the beach, of course. Even with cooler wind and water temps we head there as often as we can. On best days three times! There's no such a thing as too much beach :)

Monday, October 18, 2010


Today was our second Archery Class. It is a 45 minute class once a week, and what is fantastic about it is all five of our kids love it! The four older kids attending class are all enjoying their newest hobby, and Little Miss loves the playground right next to the field where the class is held :) It is also inexpensive and close by. Can't beat it!!

The class size is small and Mr. Dan is a very attentive and encouraging teacher. I think our Robin Hoods look all very impressive, don't you?!

And Little Miss loving the swing, and being a business woman: "Miss, would you like some ice cream?" She was selling pretend ice cream and smoothies, perfect for this hot day :)


Tänään oli isojen lasten toinen jousiammintaoppitunti, ja kaikki lapset nauttivat! Koululaiset tykkäävät jousiammunnasta, Pikkuneiti leikkipuistosta ihan harjoittelupaikan vieressä. Mama tykkää kun harratus on vain kerran viikossa, vain 45-minuuttia, ihan tässä lähellä, eikä ole edes kallis harrastus!!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A Week In Pictures/Viikko kuvin

Yes, we have been busy, but also not feeling well. Fortunately nothing serious, or contagious, but there has been something in the air making three of our five kiddos come down with a migraine this past week. And today marks day 6 for me not feeling well. Up and down though, so we haven't had to skip everything this past week, just some of the activities. (Sad.)

Meillä on ollut kiireinen viikko, mutta myös sairasteluja. Onneksi ei mitään vakavaa tai tarttuvaa, mutta ilmassa on ollut jotain, joka on aiheuttanut kolmelle lapselle migreenikohtauksen. Ja minulle tämä päivä on kuudes migreenipäivä. Olo on vaihdellut ylös ja alas, joten ihan kaikkea ei ole tarvinnut skipata, vain osan ohjelmista. (Surullista.)

Saturday the whole family showed up to support Mr. T & his flag football. Notice the enthusiasm in his siblings.

Lauantaina koko perhe lähti kannustamaan Mr. T'tä ja hänen lippupallojoukkuettaan. Huomaa sisarusten innostuneisuus.

After flag football we went to St. Pete's Saturday market for the first time. Yum! Had a great lunch. And dessert. Walked around and really enjoyed the city. Surprisingly much (we thought we were country bumpkins. And beach bums).

Lippupallon jälkeen lähdimme St. Pete'n torille ekaa kertaa. Nami! Mahtava lounas ja jälkiruoka. Kävelimme ympäriinsä ja todella nautimme kaupunkielämästä. Yllättävän paljon [me luulimme olevamme maalaisia. Ja rantaihmisiä (sori, ei löytynyt parempaa suomennusta)].

We have met wonderful people here in Florida. One family lives on board their sailboat and took us for a short sailing trip on Saturday (I didn't get sea sick, yay!). Another lives in their RV, and we met them on the beach for sunset. Our nutty nomadic family seems to fit right in here!

Olemme tavanneet ihania ihmisiä täällä Floridassa. Yksi perhe asuu purjelaivallaan ja vei meitä lyhyelle purjehdukselle lauantaina (en tullut merisairaaksi, jee!). Toinen perhe asuu asuntoautossaan, ja tapasimme heidät rannalla auringolaskun aikaan. Meidän hassu paimentolaisperheemme mahtuu hyvin tänne muiden sekaan!

Whenever we can, we still hang out at the beach. Sunsets are the best - even when you aren't feeling the best.

Aina kun vain voimme, hengailemme rannalla. Auringonlaskut ovat parhaita - jopa silloin kun olo ei ole paras.

The big kids started Archery this Monday! No pictures yet though, as I couldn't make it. The Captain & his work took the kids, so we will have to wait for this coming Monday's pictures :)

But I finally snapped a photo that shows one of our homeschooling classes: Photography! Yesterday the class took a trip to downtown St. Pete for a photoshoot. Here's Mr. T & Missy with their class equipment.

Little Miss & mom hang out at a park during class & Little Miss made friends with three other kids! These past two weeks she has really come out of her shell. It is beautiful to watch.

Isot lapset aloittivat jousiammunan tänä maanantaina! Valitettavasti ei kuvia vielä, koska en päässyt sinne: Kapteeni töineen vei lapset, joten pitää odottaa ensi maanantaihin että saadaan kuvia :)

Mutta vihdoin sain napattua kuvan yhdestä meidän kotikoulukursseista: Valokuvauksesta! Eilen luokka meni St. Pete'n keskustaan kuvaamaan. Tässä Mr. T ja Missy kameroineen.

Pikkuneiti ja äiti hengailimme puistossa valokuvauskurssin aikana. Pikkuneiti ystävystyi kolmen muun lapsen kanssa! Viimeisen kahden viikon aikana Pikkuneiti on todella tullut kuorestaan ulos. Sitä on ollut ihana katsoa.

Ice skating continues to be a favorite! We had a great class again!

Luistelu on edelleen suosikkimme! Eilen oli taas oikein onnistuneet luistelutunnit!

Two photos from a date The Captain & I escaped to. Had Moroccan food and a romantic stroll in the city.

Kaksi kuvaa treffeiltä, jonne Kapteenin kanssa pakenin. Marokkolaista ruokaa ja romanttinen kävely city'ssä.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Beach On Monday

Today we only spent about 5 minutes on the beach watching the sunset, and Tuesdays are our busy day, but here are pics from Monday. Check out the neat discoveries the family next to us on the beach found!

And tomorrow, the beach is calling us again... Although with the cooler temps (upper 60's in the morning, warming up to mid 80's) we may need to bundle up! :)

Sunday, October 3, 2010

There's Fall In The Air/Syksyä ilmassa

There is Fall in the air, yes, even in Florida! October brought cooler morning and evening temps, somewhere in the 70's, and it actually feels like it is time to find the sweatshirts. Especially after swimming, brrr!!!! Even during the day it has been slightly cooler, maybe in the 80's instead of 90's. I'd be curious to know what the water temps are.

We still absolutely love being here, but I do have to admit I miss the New England Fall a little bit. The gorgeous foliage, getting out the hats, mittens and boots, going out for apple picking and pumpkin patches. The crisp Fall air. (But not the raking of leaves!)

Täällä on ollut syksyä ilmassa, siis jopa täällä Floridassa! Päivisin lämpötilat ovat olleet +25C-jotain, eikä +35 C niin kuin syyskuussa, ja iltaisin ja aamuisin on jopa kaivannut pitkähihaista hupparia.

Edelleen rakastamme olla täällä paratiisissa, mutta täytyy myöntää että pikkuisen on ikävä Uuden Englannin syksyä: kaunista lehtien kirjoa, pipojen, hanskojen, saappaiden esilleottamista, omenien poimimista ja kurpitsoja. (Mutta ei lehtien haravoimista!)