Saturday, October 30, 2010

Have A Safe Halloween/Turvallista pyhäinpäivää!

From Day and night, two fairies, an archer & his target and our Roman soldier.
t. Yö ja päivä, kaksi keijua, jousimies ja maalitaulu, sekä roomalainen sotilas


  1. Great costumes. Our church we attend now does a Reformation Party. I had never realized it was the same date until we started going there. It's similar to a harvest party...complete with a "pin the theses on the door" game!

  2. Happy belated Halloween! So funny with the archerer and target :-)

  3. Kiitos Allu ja Soile!

    One Acre Follies - I looked for a Harvest Party here too, but no luck. That's what we always did up North. On Saturday we were invited to a Halloween Party (our first!) and some friends invited us to go trick or treating on Sunday, so we did that too (another first!) :)