Saturday, October 2, 2010


You wouldn't know from these photos how Little Miss protested her first day of preschool. Miss Clingy was more like it!! Even though she kept insisting on Not Wanting To Go To Preschool!, we really felt she needed exposure to other kids her age, other adults, more preschool activities and a morning out on her own. Fortunately we found a preschool within a walking distance (!) that allows us to pick one, two or three mornings a week, and is flexible enough we can enroll Little Miss for 1.5 months, then take a break, and have her return to preschool in the Spring. The class size is also small, which really is great.

Here she is, afterward: "Everything we did was fun!"

We HAD to celebrate the day with shaved ice, naturally.


Pikkuneiti oli tällä viikolla ensimmäistä kertaa kerhossa täällä Floridassa. Vastusteluista huolimatta hänellä oli oikein kivaa! Kerhon jälkeen kävelimme jäätelölle, luonnollisesti :)


  1. What a good job, Little Miss!!!

    On a side note - I can't believe you live walking distance to... anything! This is almost a first!! Maybe you can even get Chinese food delivered?? ;-)

  2. Oh my! Hadn't thought of that!!!!! Yesterday the Captain & Mr. D WALKED to the pizza place & got us some great pizza!! Love it :)