Monday, October 18, 2010


Today was our second Archery Class. It is a 45 minute class once a week, and what is fantastic about it is all five of our kids love it! The four older kids attending class are all enjoying their newest hobby, and Little Miss loves the playground right next to the field where the class is held :) It is also inexpensive and close by. Can't beat it!!

The class size is small and Mr. Dan is a very attentive and encouraging teacher. I think our Robin Hoods look all very impressive, don't you?!

And Little Miss loving the swing, and being a business woman: "Miss, would you like some ice cream?" She was selling pretend ice cream and smoothies, perfect for this hot day :)


Tänään oli isojen lasten toinen jousiammintaoppitunti, ja kaikki lapset nauttivat! Koululaiset tykkäävät jousiammunnasta, Pikkuneiti leikkipuistosta ihan harjoittelupaikan vieressä. Mama tykkää kun harratus on vain kerran viikossa, vain 45-minuuttia, ihan tässä lähellä, eikä ole edes kallis harrastus!!


  1. Amazing!! Braiden can't stop looking at the pictures. He's a Robin Hood fan - and loves the archery on the Wii. And you know what he is wishing for now: a video. ;)

    I can't believe what cool things you've found there. What a place to be homeschooling in!

    Awesome swing pics too!!!

  2. Next week I will try to get a video for Braiden :)
    Oh, he'd love going there: watching the big kids do archery, then play at the playground, and for $2 or $3 each you can go swimming next door at the pool complex too!! Have I mentioned we love it here?? :)