Monday, April 14, 2014

Greetings From Ohio/Terkkuja Ohiosta!


We're on the road! We started traveling last week, and you can follow along our adventures on our facebook page. I will add blog posts, too, when possible, but internet and cell coverage has been very spotty.


Terveisiä Ohion osavaltiosta! Lähdimme matkaan viime viikolla, ja matkan edistymistä voi seurata facebookin kautta. Blogipostauksia tulee, kun mahdollista, netti ja kännykät ovat toimineet aika surkeasti matkalla.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Art by Missy/Missyn taidetta

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One of Missy's (age 15) passions is art. She is a talented artist, and has really blossomed in Finland under the encouragement and direction of my mom, another artist soul.

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In addition to watercolors, Missy likes to do digital images on the iPad. She is so talented!

Missy and my mom have also been busy quilting, making American Girl Doll clothes, and jewelry.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

No wonder she isn't in any hurry to come home! She is in artist's paradise:)

Photo credits to Missy and Muori.


Tässä näitä Missyn taideteoksia. Äitini on taiteilija myös, joten heillä on ollut upeaa aikaa yhdessä ommella, askarrella ja maalailla. Ei ihme ettei Missyllä ole kiire taideparatiisista kotiin:)

Missy's Adventures in Finland/Missyn seikkailuja Suomessa

Missy has been in Finland for about twelve weeks or 88 days or 2112 hours (not that I've been keeping count or anything...). She is so missed. But it helps to know she is having a wonderful time.

She has been working hard on homeschool (she can work on her Monarch lessons online, and I can grade her work half a world away), Finnish lessons and her arts and crafts (look for a separate post on her art), but a couple of weeks ago she had a fun adventure during winter break.

Missy and my parents escaped to the country for a few days.

Earlier this winter a huge storm had come through, uprooting many trees. There was a big one down on the island of Onkikallio. (Summer views here.)

Missy headed out with the awesome Finnish potkukelkka (kick sled).

And yes, it is as fun as it looks:)

Vaari (grandpa) was sent back to get ice skates, and Muori (grandma) and Missy had enjoyed many hours on ice.

I think that one white dot is a joutsen (swan)?!

Looks like she had a wonderful winter break! Thank you for the photos, Muori and Vaari! And thank you for taking such a good care of our sweet girl.

As I had posted in an earlier update, Missy really had wanted to stay longer than three months. On Friday we extended her stay for two more months. Simultaneously there was a great rejoicing in one place, and long, sad faces in another.

Five months is a long time. We are looking forward to our June reunion!


Hiihtolomalla Missy lähti vanhempieni kanssa maalle (tai oikeastaan metsään:) muutamaksi päiväksi. Sieltä näitä kovin eksoottisia kuvia blogiin, kiitos paljon äidille ja isälle - kuin myös hyvästä huolenpidosta!!

Missy on viihtynyt Suomessa niin hyvin, että hän sai sitä pyytämäänsä lisäaikaa. Perjantaina jatkoimme Suomen aikaa kahdella kuukaudella, niin vaikeaa, kuin se äidille olikin. Rakasta on ikävä. Mutta kesäkuussa sitten nähdään!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The Great Melt Has Began/Sulamista

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Every night the temps have still been below freezing, so the driveway is not yet at its' worst (we hope to be far, far away at that point). But it is muddy.

(And that mud is tracking in every day. Good thing we have a mudroom.)

This fella appeared on our yard yesterday. Very handsome!

But this morning he was found without a nose, eyes, mouth, hair and buttons. Looking quite sad.

Despite the mud, the kids are outside every day. Shedding clothes quickly. That 36F is feeling balmy hot in Maine after a few snow balls!

A few days ago we were watching a Yellow-Bellied Sapsucker dining in our yard, too! Yellow-Bellied Sapsuckers are a part of the Woodpecker family. He (identified as a male by his red throat) drills holes in thin bark, sucks sap and eats insects drawn to sap. We think this one is well fed:)


Check out some photos from our first April in Maine (look how little the kids were!). Spring in Maine really is a whole different animal. I just checked the forecast, too - more snow promised:)


Kyllä se kevät on meillekin tänne pohjoiseen tullut. Lumi sulaa, sulaa, sulaa. Toiveena on, että pääsisimme lähtemään etelään ennen kuin pihatie muuttuu ihan mutavelliksi. Nyt on yöt vielä pakkasella, eli vaikka mutaa löytyy niin pihasta kuin sisältäkin (ugh), ei se vielä pahimmillaan ole. Loppulinkistä löytyy kuvia meidän ensimmäisestä keväästä täällä Mainessä kolme vuotta sitten. Kuinka pieniä lapset olivatkaan! Niin, ja lisää lunta on luvattu loppuviikolle:)

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Monday, April 7, 2014

Lovely Spring Days/Kauniita kevätpäiviä

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

This is April. In Maine.

As you can see, spring has finally sprung in Maine, also. No sign of crocuses or flip-flops. Instead, we get mud. (Wait until you see a picture of our driveway - hopefully posted tomorrow.)

Yesterday we decided to take our sleds out one more time, and enjoy the warm temps of 34-35F.

Some of the trails were great!

Some, not so much.

But the views were gorgeous, all the time.

To our disappointment our lunch destination was closed (see the granola bar in my hand?). Not only that, but the expected bathroom facilities were closed as well.

All in all, we had a great ride, and a wonderful snowmobile season. Our sleds are now waiting for next year, and we are ready for more mud warmer temperatures.

**** Edit: Forgot to add this video link that shows Little Miss taking off on lake. She loves it!


Meillä on täällä pohjoisessa vieläkin näin paljon lunta. Kävimme eilen viimeisellä moottorikelkkareissulla. Kivaa oli, joskin osa reiteistä oli aika könkköistä, ja lounaspaikkamme (ja vessa!) oli jo suljettu. Kaunis päivä ja reissu kuitenkin:)