Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Airstream Factory Tour

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We did the Airstream factory tour back in April. But Missy wasn't with us, and the tour really is fantastic (I heard one of the top ten factory tours in USA by Fox News?), so she and I did the tour last Monday. Another home school field trip! We found out the Friday tour is slightly different, so on Friday Mr A and I did the tour, again. (Only true Airstream nuts would...)

The Friday tour is different, because normally the workers leave early on Fridays, but some were working overtime this time, so our tour was pretty much the same. Still good! And every time we do learn something new.

Welcome to adventure, inspired by Airstream. Made with pride in Ohio.

Every Airstream trailer goes through water leakage inspection.

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In the three pictures above the trailers are going through finish line, where furniture gets installed. On the tour we were able to get in some of them to take a look. They are sleek!

A peek into the factory.

Almost ready!

We love the vintage trailers and motorhomes, but the new ones are gorgeous, too. At the factory it takes nine days to build one, and it is fascinating to watch the work during the tour. Amazing workmanship.

Every trailer we saw was already sold to a dealership, and they have a massive backlog of orders to fill. We saw trailers that were being shipped to Japan, Sweden and England, also. They now build one that sleeps eight (bunk beds!) and I admit, I'm a tad jealous. It's a tight squeeze in the Mothership!

Make sure to check our April post for more information, and visit Airstream website and factory, when you can! The tour is free, and definitely worth a stop.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

A Week at Airsteam/Viikko Airstream-tehtaalla

A week ago Monday morning our Mothership moved into Bay 33. We had scheduled (back in April) an appointment to fix a short in the electrical system, and take care of some little odds and ends.

While in Bay 33 the Captain decided to upgrade our 30 amp service to 50 amps. It would let us run both air conditioners at the same time, which is much needed in hot times of our travel.

That meant we had to move out. There would be no electricity in the rig while it was being worked on.

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Look at that cute little Bambi! At least our Mothership was in good company!

During day time we made ourselves comfortable in the Airstream service lobby. On Monday they had a customer appreciation day and we were served free lunch! We also enjoyed their hot chocolate/coffee machine and microwave. Two mornings we showed up with breakfast, and had it right there.

On Monday when we realized we needed to evacuate the Mothership, we started looking for a rental car and hotel. Getting a night in a hotel was no problem, but the only rental car company that would pick us up, did not have a vehicle big enough for us. Finally we decided we just would rent a sedan and take two trips to the hotel, when just as the Captain was talking to Enterprise a second time, their Suburban was returned (late)! The kind folks at Enterprise picked us up from Airstream, and we spent our first night in the hotel.

In the morning we tried to reserve the room for the second night, as we had realized the Mothership would not be ready on Tuesday. The hotel was sold out with a waiting list. We weren't panicking, God had been taking such good care of us this trip, and so, as we were ready to pack the car, the front desk called to tell us we could still have the room if we wanted. Oh, yes we did! Thank You, God!

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Beautiful Ohio!

Wednesday came, and the Mothership still wasn't going to be ready. We actually had a really fun field trip to a Bicycle Museum (which will be a blog post of its' own). We called the hotel, but no room at their inn. In fact, we called about ten hotels, and all were sold out. Again, we knew God wasn't going to fail us, and finally we found a hotel with one room available. And it was a nice one. Plenty of room for us, great pool time in the evening, hot breakfast, internet, and a coin laundry!

Thursday morning we got a phone call. The Captain's grandmother, our beloved Nanny, had passed away. It wasn't unexpected, but still sad. We miss her. We had a quiet day. At Airstream the kids worked on school, read books and played games. We were able to sleep in our Mothership that night at the Airstream Terraport.

On Friday we finally left Jackson Center.

And that, was the start of more unexpected troubles and blessings.

Stay tuned for more...


Vietimme viime viikon Airstream tehtaan huoltopuolella. Maanantaina Kapteeni päätti, että teemme isomman sähköremontin asuntoautoon, mikä tarkoitti sitä, että meidän piti pakata laukut, ja löytää hotelli, koska asuntoautossa ei toimisi sähköt remontin aikana. Hotellin saimme heti, mutta tarpeeksi isoa vuokra-autoa ei meinannut löytyä. Loppujen lopuksi Kapteeni soitti takaisin autovuokraamoon, hän olisi vuokrannut pienen auton, ja olisimme tehneet kaksi reissua hotelliin, kun juuri silloin, autovuokraamon Suburban oli palautettu myöhässä. He hakivat meidät, ja niin meillä oli tarpeeksi iso auto koko perheelle viikon ajaksi.

Tokaksi ja kolmanneksi yöksi ei taas meinannut löytyä hotellia, mutta aina Jumala järjesti asiat viime hetkellä, meidän ei tarvinnut huolestua, tiesimme, että Hän pitää meistä hyvää huolta. Ja niin pitikin.

Torstaiaamulla saimme surullisen soiton: Kapteenin isoäiti oli kuollut aamuyöstä. Tiesimme, että se pian tapahtuisi, mutta oli se silti vaikea kuulla. Meidän on häntä ikävä. Torstai oli hiljainen päivä.
Yön saimme nukuttua asuntoautossa, vaikka se menikin takaisin huoltoon perjantaina.

Perjantai-iltapäivällä pääsimme matkaan taas, ja toisessa blogipostauksessa saatte kuulla mitä kaikkea vaikeuksia ja siunauksia saimme kokea...

Monday, July 21, 2014

Airstream Gallery II

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We stayed at Airstream for a week. You'll be seeing a lot more Airstream photos!

Here's my little goofball adding some more pop to these photos:)

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I had fun wandering around and snapping pictures. I chuckled at the "I only go where I'm towed to!" Or the license plate "LUVSHACK" :-D

These two oldies need some TLC - which I assume is why they are here.

The blue building on the right is the only place now where Airstream trailers are made. We went through the factory tour in April, and I did it with Missy once this week, and with Mr A on our last day. Funny thing is, the Mothership became a part of the tour while the tour group walked by the service bays:)

I bet you'll be super surprised to hear there is going to be another blog post on the factory tour. {Wink.}

Here's two Airstream motorhomes. The one on the left is 290, shorter than ours. Now the one right... That one is a hearse. Yup, you read that right. The door on its' side is where the coffin went, and the family could sit in the front.

There are hardly words. (Name that movie?)

Above are the new Airstream Interstate motorhomes. Pretty fancy!

Here's an 1935 Bowlus Road Chief. We got to peek in and take photos.

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It's quite rustic, but made in 1935. I'd say pretty impressive!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Airstream Gallery

When we arrived at Airstream factory a week ago Sunday night, the brilliant golden colors of the sunset made everything look magical.

We think these old trailers are magical at any light, but they sure do look enchanting in the evening glow.

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Who doesn't dream of packing light and living a life of adventure?

#Live Riveted.