Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Little Miss Learns/Pikkuneiti oppii

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Last week, Little Miss learned how to knit! She begged me to teach her, and I tried. It was hard. Fortunately Missy saw us struggling, and showed Little Miss her way. Which seemed more complicated to me, but not to the girls!

It involved this little rhyme:

Inside the front door
Run around the house
Go out the back door
Go to your neighbors.

And she got it! Little Miss is now knitting her first scarf.

For science last week we had two science experiments. We learned about air, and successfully made this Upside-down trick.

Good job, Little Miss!

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We also made a rainbow. What you can't see in this photo is a tray of water on the windowsill, with a mirror inside the tray. The sun is shining through the water onto the mirror, and when Little Miss tilted the mirror, a rainbow showed up on our paper! Pretty cool!

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Little Miss also wanted to learn how to make pancakes, all by herself. Mr A is standing by, but she really made the pancakes on her own. And liked them so much she made some more the next morning, too!

Nobody complained.

PS. Did you vote, yet? Easy peasy, click on this link, no need to register or anything. Just pick #1 your favorite and vote! Thanks:)

Viime viikolla Pikkuneiti oppi kutomaan siskon avulla, ja myös tekemään pannukakkuaamiaisen! Kotikoulussa teimme kokeiluja, ja niin pysyi vesi lasin sisällä ja pahvi lasin ulkopuolella, vaikka Pikkuneiti käänsi lasin nurinpäin.  Sateenkaarenkin saimme tehtyä. Kaikkea kivaa siis:)
PS. Äänestitkö jo? Helppo juttu, ei tarvitse kuin klikata tätä linkkiä ja vaita suosikkikuva, ei mitään kirjautumisia vaadita. Kiitos:)

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Please Vote/Äänestysapua??!!

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I've blogged here and here about how we have switched our homeschool curriculum to Sonlight. As I started getting emails from Sonlight, one was about a photo contest. Since photography has become my new hobby, I entered.

My photo was chosen to be one of the top four finalists!!! It's not the photo here in the blog post, but it's one like it.  The winner is chosen by votes, so please go vote here.

The top three winners get Sonlight gift certificates (which would be so awesome), and the winner photo will be the new cover photo.

Thank you so much for your support!!!!

PS. When my sister forwarded me the email about the four finalists (I didn't get the email or any notification myself), I cried! Yup:) This is huge for me!


Nyt nöyrästi röyhkeänä kiltisi pyydän äänestysapuanne, rakkaat lukijat! Otin osaa uuden kotikoulumatskumme valmistajan valokuvauskilpailuun. Minun kuvani valittiin neljän parhaan joukkoon!!! Nyt voittaja löytyy äänestämällä. Täältä löytyy kuva ja linkki.

Kolme voittajaa saavat lahjakortit heidän kauppaansa, ja voittajan kuva tulee olemaan uuden katalogin kansi. Auttaisitteko?

Kiitos oikein paljon tuestanne!!

Friday, September 12, 2014

Potato Cannon/Perunakanuuna

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Have you ever heard of a potato cannon? Have you used one?

We got to see and try one on Tuesday. A new friend A built one from PVC pipe.

Here A is stuffing the potato inside the cannon, then pumping air into the back chamber.

(Check out his off-road Jeep too - so handy to have portable air with you!)

Once the air chamber is filled, you aim the cannon, open the valve, and out shoots the potato!

It comes out so incredibly fast I didn't catch the potato on camera. Amazing fun!

This wasn't our first experience with a potato cannon. Our very close friend Mr M in New Hampshire has one mounted on his deck. Ever since our boys have been talking about a potato cannon, so it was quite the thrill to use one this week! Thanks, A!!


Onko kukaan kuullut ennen perunakanuunasta? Tai käyttänyt sellaista? Meillä on ystävällä New Hampshiressä sellainen parvekkeella, ja tällä viikolla ystävämme A täällä Mainessä näytti rakentamaansa. Mr A, Mr D ja Kapteeni saivat kokeilla myös. Niin hurjalla vauhdilla lähti peruna kanuunasta, etten saanut kuvaa lentävästä perunasta. Aika hauska kokemus:)

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

First Day of School (Last Week)/Kotikoulu alkoi

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Tuesday last week was a beautiful day. A part of me wanted to put off starting school, but no, it was time to start. We were ready.

Little Miss and I enjoyed her Sonlight Core B school day with Math-U-See (we are finishing Alpha, and starting Beta next week) and Handwriting Without Tears. While I read to her, she was either drawing or building with clay.

On Friday we finished our first week, and both were still liking her curriculum very much. Most days we were done by lunch time, and that even included short breaks here and there.

(We had some tears, also. One of her books is a book of missionary stories, and while we read the introduction, mama already was teary eyed.)

Our teens had a good day, too. While our Sonlight Core 100 binder looks a bit intimating, it actually is set up very nicely. We have tabs for every week, and a schedule that shows what we should be doing every day - with additional reading and assignments.

I sneaked around the house and tried to catch them in schoolwork. I think I was caught too, a couple of times ;-)

Mr T was on his computer writing a Sonlight assignment. Mr A was working on one of his electives (sorry - more on that later), Mr D is checking his assignments, and Missy was reading one of the Sonlight books.

We also started our High School Biology (with labs!) on Tuesday. We are using Apologia Biology with Catie Frates online classes. These classes are prerecorded, so we can decide which day of the week to do it. This first class we all watched it together, but since my students are sharing one textbook, today and in the future they'll be watching it two students at a time.

I'll be writing more about our Biology classes this year, but I just need to share how relieved I am to have Catie Frates do the teaching. My students could read the material on their own, and we could be doing the labs in our kitchen (or Mothership kitchen??), but this is so much better.

Same with High School Math. Math is hard. We survived (and ended with great grades) last year's Algebra I (we ended up using three different curricula, as we have different learning styles), but this year doing live Geometry classes should be less frustrating for mom and students... We love homeschooling, and want to thrive in all subjects - even the ones that are hard - or harder to teach. There are so many resources out there, and mom does not need to teach everything.

As I type this I hear our teacher talking in the background. Missy and Mr A are attending their first Geometry class at this moment! I will be sharing more about our math curriculum, but in case anyone is still looking - check out Mr. D Math (and no, this is not our Mr D teaching:). We are so excited about it.

The first homeschool day ended with PE! Our first day and week were a success, and we are looking forward to a fantastic new school year!


Meillä oli viime viikolla tiistaina ensimmäinen kotikoulupäivä, ja onneksi se meni loistavasti. Meillä on ihan uudet kotikoulumatskut, eli pikkaisen jännitti ainakin äitiä, että kuinka lähtee uusi kouluvuosi rullaamaan. Lukiolaisten matikan aloitimme vasta tänään, mutta sekin näyttää oikein hyvältä.

Niin matematiikan kuin biologiankin tunnit ovat netissä, eli minun tehtäväni on vain tukea rinnalla. Molemmissa on opettajat sähköpostin tai puhelimensoiton päässä, eli jos on ongelmaa ymmärtää, niin avun saa.

Niin teinien kuin Pikkuneidin muu koulumateriaali on kirjoja, paljon kirjoja luettavaksi tänä vuonna. Mikä on vain mahtava juttu meille lukutoukille! Teinit työskentelevät itsenäisesti, Pikkuneiti tarvitsee vielä äidin vierelleen.

Kokonainen viikko on nyt takana, ja vaikka töitä on hurjasti, kivasti on sujunut, ja olemme pysyneet aikataulussa mukana.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Curriculum Changes

Our Mothership Adventures Academy is going through some serious changes this year. We are going to try something new. If it doesn't work, we can always go back to what has worked in the past for us.

Instead of having all of our school on the computers, we have actual books this year.

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I have shared how we had a rough year last year. Not all my students struggled, but overall it was a difficult year. We didn't finish our schoolwork until mid-to-late July this year. And that just isn't something I/we care to repeat.

We started looking at what else is there, and really felt led to take a look at something completely different. Something I had checked out years ago, and had decided it wasn't for us. And it wasn't - then. We are pretty confident it is the right choice for our family this year.

All five of my students will be using Sonlight as our homeschool curriculum.

Our 10th grades will be using Core 100 for Language Arts, Literature, Bible and History. Little Miss will be using Sonlight Core B as her 3rd grade curriculum, including Science. She and I will use Math-U-See for math.

For our High School Science we will use Apologia Biology, taught by Catie Frates online classes. We are super excited about this program, and I will share more on it soon. If you are looking for high school science classes, including labs, you need to check out Catie Frates.

As for our high school Math - Geometry - I am waiting to hear back from our sponsor. So more on that later..

Also, high school electives - we are still working on figuring all that out. Two of our teens are learning how to drive, and the other two might start this year, also. And two of our teens are also working on something else, but that is so shocking I'll save that for another blog post ;-)

Sadly we won't be able to attend our homeschool co-op classes in Florida this fall. They start so early in September, and we aren't able to make it there in time. We will be starting our year this week (and some of us have already unofficially started school). I think we are ready! It has been so good to have two/three weeks of vacation, but now we are ready for bouquets of newly sharpened pencils (name that movie!) and fall routines.

Happy new school year to all students and teachers (and moms and dads)!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Lake Fun/Järvihauskuttelua

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Little Miss looking out, keeping an eye on the lake. Is daddy coming, yet?

It was a beautiful Saturday morning, and a spontaneous decision was made to rent a boat for a few hours to go enjoy the lake. (And one dramamine tablet taken.)

Little Miss was one of the first ones to try tubing, with two big brothers. Such fun!! Until a great wipe-out.

Little Miss decided to wrap herself in a towel to warm up, so Mr D and Mr A went back on the tube. Until a second wipe-out:)

Somehow the Captain and the boys talked Missy into tubing, too! She wasn't too sure about it, but managed to hang on without taking a swim.

Mr T got quite a wild ride!!! (Before he wiped out.)

"Look, Ma, no hands!" Splash. Wipe-out.

Our last lake activity was water-skiing. Mr A was first, and did fantastic!!

Mr D did great, also! When we were in New Hampshire, the boys got up early to do water-skiing at the camp.

"Mo-om, that's enough pictures...!"

What a great day at the lake.


Kauniina lauantaiaamuna spontaani päätös tuli tehtyä: vuokrataan vene muutamaksi tunniksi. Ja sen teimme. Kaikki halukkaat saivat kokeilla niin vesihiihtoa kuin renkaan/tuubin päällä 'lentelyä' (mikähän tämä laji olisi suomeksi?). Hauskaa oli, vaikka vesi oli kylmää, eikä ilma paljon lämpöisempää:)