Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Thanksgiving in Virginia/Kiitospäivä Virginiassa

We had smooth travels to Virginia to my sister's house. All five of our kids found floor space or beds to crash in, while the Captain and I continued camping in our Mothership.

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Four adults, four teens, four little kids, one toddler and one baby on the way kept our Thanksgiving busy and slightly chaotic:)

Despite various age differences it is wonderful to see all the cousins having such a good time together:)

I was able to go with my sister to two of her appointments. A baby girl is on her way!

After Thanksgiving we were able to help deck my sister's house for Christmas. (I brought the glögi:)

As our Thanksgiving tradition has been, we went to Busch Gardens Christmas Town for one night. Our visits in 2013, 2012 and 2011 (and a second night in 2011.) This year it was mobbed! We still managed to have a good time:)

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My sister's family went to Great Wolfe Lodge to celebrate our nephew's seventh birthday, and we stayed back at their house.

Except - we surprised them and showed up for one day! That was fun:)

Now when we came up to Virginia, the plan was to stay a week, then return to Florida.

Plans, shlams.

We ended up staying for three weeks and getting airplane tickets to fly to Maine! As of now, we are visiting our Maine grandparents, cousins, aunt and uncle, and will be on our way to our Maine camp for Christmas soon!

And then will return to Virginia (for the Mothership) and to Florida.

Our Mothership Adventures!! Never boring around here:)

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Matkustimme Virginiaan siskoni perheen luokse Kiitospäivää viettämään. Tarkoitus oli olla noin viikon, ja palata takaisin Floridaan. Suunnitelmat muuttuivat, ja päätimmekin lentää Maineen:) Jäimme siskoni luokse kolmeksi viikoksi, ja eilen tulimme tänne Kapteenin perheen luokse. Kohta jatkamme matkaa Mainen mökillemme jouluksi!

Joulun jälkeen takaisin Virginiaan hakemaan asuntoautoa, ja sitten takaisin Floridaan! Ei meillä sammaleet ehdi kasvaa:)

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Monday, December 15, 2014

Back in Florida/Floridassa

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It was so nice to be back in Florida! We had come to stay for a few months, but wanted to visit various areas before settling down (which, naturally, is a loose concept for us:).

We first set up camp on the east coast of Florida. And of course, as we travel, school and work still goes on - we are not on vacation. Our classroom and PE might look different, but we're working hard.

From the east coast we made our way back to St Pete (our favorite Florida hangout!), and had a wonderful stay there.

Just happened to be at the beach during a baptism - so neat! Appropriately Little Miss' shirt said:

"For the Son of Man has come to seek and to save that which was lost." Luke 19:10

We actually stayed put for a week or so, and rested after such a crazy travel schedule. It felt so good to get laundry and work done on a regular basis.

When we stayed at our favorite St Pete campground we decided to go all out. The awning came out, we set up an outdoor tent with Christmas lights, and brought camping chairs out. We usually use the Mothership for traveling, and don't bother prettying up the campsite, but since we were in Florida, and staying for awhile, and since there are so many of us, it really was nice to be outdoors as much as possible.

It was nice while it lasted. About one day. The storms came and our tent actually got wrapped around a palm tree! It ended up completely collapsing. A cold front arrived, and we had to pull out our winter coats! We did have a very nice night visiting friends at a campfire one night when it didn't rain, but we were freezing!!!

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The day before we started our Thanksgiving travels we had an interesting homeschool field trip - to see an U.S. citizenship oath ceremony in Tampa! Yes, this mama became a U.S. citizen - finally! After 20+ years.

(My apologies on the upside down flag - the emergency was the super early morning and lack of coffee, haha.)

From Tampa we started driving again - to my sister's house in Virginia for Thanksgiving!

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Oli ihana olla takaisin Floridassa. Jatkoimme asuntoautossa asumista, ja reissasimme itärannikon ja länsirannikon välillä jonkin verran. Ensin oli kaunista ja lämmintä, sitten sää kääntyi kylmäksi ja myrskyiseksi. Ja koko ajan koulu ja työt jatkuivat - me emme olleet lomalla. Ennen kuin lähdimme kiitospäiväreissuun, minusta tuli Usan kansalainen! Jo oli aikakin, olen ollut Yhdysvalloissa jo yli kaksikymmenta vuotta:)

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