Saturday, July 16, 2016

Work Camp/Työviikot mökillä

Every summer as we arrive, we do our spring cleaning and get the camp ready for summer rentals. This year we had extra work as we finally went through the boxes from our 2011 move from New Hampshire.

We definitely had more work than play at our camp this June (as usual), but it was more fun to take photos of our times off.

Hard work! We were under a tight schedule again, as I (Sennie), had tickets to fly to Finland in early July with Little Miss and Mei Mei.

I'm constantly amazed at how brave Mei Mei is! She would come with me every day for my morning swim, and even when the water was so cold it would take your breath away, she would take a dip with me. She also loved our water trampoline! The boys would give her rides in a kayak, and she would jump up and down out there as long as she was allowed to.

And the lupines... My favorite Maine flower. So glad the girls would oblige and let me take photos of them on the field!

We love our time in Maine!


Kesäkuun viikot Mainessä olivat työntäytteisiä, vaikka valokuvista ehkä saakin eri kuvan. Oli vaan kivempi ottaa kuvia tauoilla, kuin työnteossa:) Meillä oli jokavuotista kevätsiivousta ja mökin vuokrakuntoon laittamista, mutta myös muuttolaatikoiden läpikäymistä. Vihdoin. Näin kauan kesti, ennen kuin saimme vuoden 2011 viimeiset muuttolaatikot tyhjättyä! Kovaa työtä oli. Mutta onneksi saimme myös uitua ja kuvattua lupiinipeltoja.

Mainessa on aina ihana olla.

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  1. Those last pictures remind me of "Miss Rumphias". Have you all read that? Very sweet picture book.