Saturday, May 31, 2014

Our Travels Start Again/Matkaan taas

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The Mothership has been loaded again with excitement (some sadness, too), lots of food, suntanned people (one is still missing!), good books (paper and audio), and the GPS is set for North.

As wonderful as Florida has been, it is time for us to get back on the road.

Aye, aye, Capt'n, we are ready to go.

You can follow our tweets and facebook updates while we travel.


Tien päällä taas, suuntaamme kohti pohjoista. Niin ihanaa, kun aika Floridassa on ollutkin, on aika taas lähteä. Matkaamme voi seurata Twitterin ja Facebookin kautta.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Meeting Up with AOP

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We spent this past week at FPEA Homeschool Convention in Kissimmee, Florida. We had a fantastic time (more on that later). We tried to meet up with the awesome Alpha Omega Publication folks at the AOP booth the first night the convention hall opened, but the booth was mobbed. We managed to get this photo, and finally the next morning had a nice time chatting with AOP booth babes (Hi, Jennifer!:).

If you buy AOP curriculum at the conventions, you get a 20% discount - definitely a great reason to look up homeschool conferences near you. (You can check this list, too). Also, during the month of May there is a 15% discount and free shipping when you order online (or over the phone). Shop here. (Pst. We recommend Monarch.)

Alpha Omega Publications
is a sponsor of Our Mothership Adventures. We have been given free curriculum in exchange of our honest reviews. You can read our disclosure here.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Miami in May/Miami toukokuussa

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Leaving St Pete area, and traveling south, you get to drive over the Sunshine Skyway Bridge. It's a neat bridge, spanning over four miles. (Read more here.) On our way back we could see St Petersburg and Tampa from the top.

This time our destination was Miami.

We had a business conference to attend for a few days.

From our hotel room we enjoyed the city lights at night.

And pretty sunrises in the morning.

Our hotel was located at Brickell Key, overlooking Biscayne Bay.

When we weren't working, we got to enjoy the beautiful grounds at and around the hotel.

Little Miss tagged along, so we spent quite a bit of time at the playground and at the pool.

This time we didn't venture out to see sights in Miami. After all the travel of April we were tired. Plus there was that small detail this was actually a business trip. But next time we might want to visit Vizcaya Museum and Gardens, or just spend some time in the Everglades.


Toukokuun alussa meillä oli työreissu Miamiin. Huhtikuun reissaamisen jälkeen ei kauheasti ollut energiaa kiertää Miamia, ja tämä reissu oli kuitenkin työreissu, mutta nautimme silti hotellistamme ja sen ympäristöstä. Pikkuneiti tuli mukaan, joten kivasti tuli vietettyä aikaa myös leikkipuistossa ja uima-altaalla:)

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Beach at Sunset/Rannalla auringonlaskun aikaan

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We love being in Florida. The Mothership is tucked away for a few weeks, and we are living by the beach. Unfortunately we have a boatload of schoolwork to do (still) before we can vacation, so we haven't been spending much time at the beach, yet.

But what a place to work ;-)

One evening the Captain and two of our boys went for a run, so Mr A, Little Miss and I went to the beach to catch the sunset. 

The colors were so amazing I ran back for the camera:)

We had fun watching this guy jump the waves.

Little Miss climbed on Mr A's shoulders to see the dolphins swimming in the ocean.

Mr A spotted a treasure in the sand: a whole sand dollar!

Blurry pictures, but capture our joy so well! We really had a rejuvenating evening at the beach.
(Who cares we got back all sandy and wet:)


Vaikea uskoa, että yli puolet kuukaudesta on jo ohi (nyyh!). Mothership-asuntoauto on muutaman viikon parkissa, ja me olemme rannan lähellä tämän kuukauden. Mutta koulutöitä riittää, joten emme ole ehtineet rantsuun kovin usein. Yksi ilta tällä viikolla osa meistä ehti ihailemaan auringonlaskua rannalla.. On se vaan niin kaunis... Ja Mr A löysi vielä hiekkadollarin (sand dollar - mikäköhän suomeksi?). Pitää kyllä mennä rannalle useammin - ehtiihän sitä tehdä koulujuttuja kesälläkin???

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Fort Clinch, Part III

This post is the third Fort Clinch State Park blog post. (See Part I and Part II.)

We loved visiting Fort Clinch, and are already planning our second visit there. Maybe even on our way north this summer?? Fort Clinch State Park is in northern Florida, on Amelia Island.

I absolutely fell in love with all the details of the fort; the arches, old bricks, and the lighting inside, and can't wait to go back.

This second photo is the same one as above, but cropped closer, to see some of the details.

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I'm so glad I travel with all these beautiful and handsome models, otherwise this would be a very architectural post:)


Kolmanteen osaan säästin kuvat lapsista ja Kapteenista. Linnake oli todella upea paikka ottaa kuvia!