Friday, May 2, 2014

Mothership on the Ferry/Lautalla (!!!!!!)

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Leaving Historic Jamestowne, we did something crazy insane brave: we decided to take the ferry back! With the Mothership! And this was no huge ferry like the one we went on to leave Prince Edward Island, this was a small ferry.

So lucky to be first ones to board! (Look how small it is!!!) My sister and her family were following us in their Suburban, and snapped the photo below, as we were boarding.

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The next four photos (below) were taken by my very talented brother-in-law:

Fwd: ferry pic 4/4 Fwd: ferry pic 3/4 Fwd: ferry pic 2/4 Fwd: ferry pic 1/4

(Thanks for the photos, M!!!)

It felt so scary and amazing to cross the river by Mothership on a ferry!

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Our GPS showing us smack in the middle of waters. Do you like the icon we chose for the Mothership?

We had a boatload of excited passengers:) Cousin N hopped on board, too.

What was amazing about this experience was, the ferry was free! As in no cost! If you are traveling in the Williamsburg area by car or motorhome, check out the ferry service, for sure! Here's the info.

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We still had ways to travel before getting back to my sister's house. The excitement started to fade, and fatigue from a full day set in. Below are some random travel pics of the kids.

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What a great day! We have a very talented and brave Captain!


Historiallisen Jamestownen jälkeen päätimme palata siskon kotiin lautalla. Oli aika jännittävää ja hurjaa ajaa iso Mothership pienelle autolautalle:) Kapteeni on rohkea, taitava ja niin komeakin! Kuvat varmasti puhuvat paljon, meillä oli innostunutta porukkaa mukana. Kotimatkalla myös N-serkku tuli kyytiin.


  1. HAH HAA! JA bongasin mina sinutkin sielta yhdesta kuvasta Mothership:in ikkunasta. :) Hauskoja kuvia. Valilla naytti etta olette todellakin vedessa. Ja tuo sukkula GPS:ssa LOLROF!

  2. Eikö hauska sukkula!!! Jep, minäkin onnistuin päästä yhteen kuvaan:)

  3. I love being on ferries! Haven't traveled like that in a while, though.

  4. Hienosti sujui lauttamatka. Kivoja kuvia.

    Hyvää äitienpäivää! Siunausta!

  5. Thanks for visiting, Mila! I have childhood memories of going to the summerhouse, and one route included a ferry. So exciting, always:)

    Kiitos, Nurkkalintu! Siunausta sinullekin, niin äitienpäivänä kuin joka päivä<3