Thursday, July 14, 2016

June Travels/Kesäkuun matkustelut

Florida was beautiful in June! We might be getting used to the heat and humidity a little, as it really wasn't as horrible as we had thought before. Confession: we've never stayed in Florida past the first days of June. But, as beautiful as it was, it was time for us to head north.

We packed the girls in the Mothership, and started our trip up.

We had four stops on our way up to Maine. The first one was a necessary boondocking stop in Florida as we had left pretty late on our departure day. The second stop was a fun surprise for Mei Mei - we met up with friends from our Florida church, and their little girl is one of Mei Mei's best friends! Although I'm not sure if she realized how strange it was to bump into them at a campground in Virginia....

Our third stop was to pick up our boys from Virginia! They had attended camp with a friend, and we all had a chance to visit a little.

It was good to have a full Mothership, again.

Although, we did have a little problem... Or two...

So our fourth stop was in Pennsylvania at our friends' house. Mr D got the generator working properly again by changing the oil, and our friends found someone to help the Captain with an issue with the Mothership headlights.

We made it to Maine while lupines were still blooming!



Kesäkuussa ajoimme asuntoautolla Floridasta Maineen. Neljä pysäkkiä piti tehdä, eka vielä Floridassa myöhäisen lähdön takia, ja ihan nukuimme tien varressa. Toka oli Mei Meille kiva yllätys, tapasimme ystäviä Floridan kirkosta leirintäalueella Virginiassa. Heidän nuorimmaisensa on yksi Mei Mein parhaimmista ystävistä. En kyllä tiedä ymmärsikö Mei Mei kuinka outoa on tavata heidät toisessa oasvaltiossa leirintäalueella??

Kolmas pysäkki oli myös Virginiassa, haimme pojat ystävien luota heidän leirinsä jälkeen, ja neljäs pysäkki oli Pennsylvaniassa, kun Mothership-asuntoauto tarvitsi vähän hellää hoitoa taas. Lopulta pääsimme Maineen, ja lupiinit kukkivat vielä. Ihanuus!

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