Monday, February 29, 2016

Beach Moments/Rantahetkiä

We love living near the ocean. There is something so soothing and calming to be able to go and breathe the salty sea air, watch the waves roll in, and feel the sand between your bare toes.

Especially in February.

After growing up in Finland and then living in New England for many many years, we don't take our February beach walks for granted.

There is such delight each time. (Even after falling in the cold water and getting soaked.)

On one of our walks we spotted dark shapes in the water... Manatees!!!

Chasing birds is always fun. And being carried by daddy.

We sometimes go and pick up some fresh orange juice, too.



Näitä ihania rantahetkiä on pakko kuvata ja laittaa blogiin. Vaikka välillä olisi kuinka hektisiä päiviä, näistä pikkureissuista saa niin paljon. Kiitos Taivaan Isälle siunauksistaan!


  1. Ihania kuvia! Rakastan merta ja rantoja!

  2. Looks like an amazing place for February walks! Looks like your sweet girls are doing well too and loving it!

  3. I am just in the Pacific Northwest, during growing season, some farms have "u-pick" produce,and fruit, that the public can go pick, cheaper than going to the store.
    In Florida, do they have any "u-pick" at the orange groves?...thank you for sharing your adventures through your blog.
    mm,age 68, vancouver,wa.

  4. Voi kuinka ihania hetkiä rannalla!