Thursday, February 4, 2016

Mei Mei Meets More Family/Lisää perhettä Mei Meille

From Maine it was time to head south. Southwest, that is! Little Miss, Mei Mei and mama traveled to San Diego for Mei Mei to meet more of her family. The Captain returned to Florida, where our teens were waiting with my mom (from Finland).

Cousin L seeing Little Miss after nine months (last time we saw my sister's family).

Mei Mei has had so much fun with her cousins! Little Miss, too, but she has been so busy and out of sight I haven't caught many photos of her ;-) Little Miss plays with her cousins B and N, and bunch of the neighborhood kids, too.

Mei Mei's cousin C is only about seven months older than her, and these two instantly became best buddies (when they aren't fighting for the same toy:)

On Friday my mom flew here, too! She met both Mei Mei and cousin L for the first time! It had been three years since our mom's last visit....

And this sweetie turned one! If you've followed our blog you know Little Miss and I were at my sister's when L was born a year ago (link here to the story of L's fast home birth).

Here's a picture of all the cousins together. Never a quiet dull moment here!

While in San Diego, we got to celebrate meeting Mei Mei in China six months ago! It is hard to believe it has only been six months, it feels like she has been a part of our family forever...


Terveisiä San Diegosta! Mainestä lensimme tänne Kaliforniaan siskon luokse. Mei Mei tapasi siskoni perheen ensimmäistä kertaa, ja kyllä serkuilla on ollut ihanaa! Varsinkin 3-vuotiaalla C:llä ja 2.5-vuotiaalla Mei Meillä (silloin kun eivät tappele leluista, heh).

Perjantaina äitini lensi Floridasta tänne myös, ja tapasi ensimmäistä kertaa Mei Mein ja pikkuisen L:n. Olemme viettäneet L:n ensimmäistä syntymäpäivää, ja kuusi kuukautta Mei Mein tapaamisesta Kiinassa!


  1. Onpa ihana postaus! Kiitos näistä San Diego-terveisistä!

    Väkistekki tuloo hyvälle tuulelle kuvia kattellessa :-)

  2. Loving see how much your sweet girl has changed in 6 months home. She fits beautifully with your family!