Tuesday, September 20, 2011

All Those Blueberries/Kaikki mustikat?

So what do we do with all the blueberries we've picked?

The first batch we just ate raw. With cereal, with oatmeal, with ice cream, with nothing at all. Yum. Just pure yumminess. Wild Maine blueberries are the best! (Unless you are a Finnish reader, in which case Finnish blueberries are the best! Truly, mother!! :)

And from yesterday's blueberries we decided to make a blueberry pie. We've made blueberry muffins, blueberry pancakes, but I can't remember if we've ever made a blueberry pie before. So I googled "blueberry pie" and found this recipe.

For our apple and pumpkin pies, we always use our never-fail-pie-crust-recipe. It's called Pillsbury Pie Crust. I decided to stick with the same recipe today, also.

Since we bake with honey, not sugar, I had to tweak the recipe quite a bit.

The Mothership Adventures Amazing Blueberry Pie

2 pie crusts
4 cups of fresh wild Maine blueberries
1/2 cup honey
6 T cornstarch
1/4 tsp salt
1/4 tsp cinnamon
1 T butter
egg white
vanilla ice cream

Preheat oven to 400F/200 C. Mix honey, cornstarch, salt and cinnamon. Pour over blueberries.
Line one pie crust in pie plate, pour cinnamon mixture into the crust. Dot with butter. Cut remaining pastry into 3/4 inch wide strips, and make lattice top. Crimp and flute edges. Paste with egg white (or milk). Bake 50 minutes. Make a foil tent over pie if starting to brown too soon (I had to do that). Let it sit for an hour before cutting into, otherwise filling can be too watery. Serve with vanilla ice cream and pinch yourself - you haven't died and gone to heaven yet - this pie really is that good!

And here's the proof. Yum. (That was the seventh pie in less than a week. And I'm planning to make another one for lunch tomorrow as the Captain's parents and Nanny are coming over for a visit. Shhh!!!!)


Ekan mustikkareissun mustikat söimme sellaisenaan, tai murojen, puuron tai jäätelön kanssa. Eilisistä mustikoista tein mustikkapiirakan, yllä resepti (jos kukaan haluaa reseptin suomeksi, laittakaa sanaa kommenttilootaan - pohja oli ostopohja). Taivaallista piirakkaa, suosittelen!!


  1. Yummy! My silly family doesn't like blueberry pie! Can you imagine? LOL Now I'm thinking blueberry muffins for breakfast! LOL (We had homemade pound cake with strawberries we picked at a local farm for dessert tonight.)

  2. Jessy, they haven't tried mine :-D Mr. D said he doesn't want to come blueberry picking b/c he doesn't like blueberries. At first I told him that's fine, he won't have to have any ;-) But softie me gave him a piece today, and he loved this pie :)

    (I hope you got my email :)

  3. Looks yum! My kids love bluberries (unfortunately I'm allergic). Thanks for stopping by!

  4. The Finnish wild blueberries is the best! Oikeasti!
    Vaikeus vain, kun ei ole voinut verrata, saati maistaa!
    Aivan yhtä vaikeaa kuvitella, että villit mustikat kasvavat pellolla, eikä metsässä?!
    Mutta huomenna on kyllä reseptiäsi kokeiltava, taivaalliselta kuulostaa ja näyttää.
    Sovitaan niin, että täällä mustikat more tasty, mutta sinun piirakkasi paras! Olet kyllä Mestarikokki!!!
    Ja menkää ihmeessä hakemaan niitä lisää ja laita pakkaseen tai keitä hilloksi.

  5. Shut up, Sennie! Those pies look awesome and I so love blueberries!! Your killing me! ;)

    By the way- do you use raw or regular honey. I will have to try that recipe. I have wanted to sweeten with honey or maple syrup instead of sugar and have tried a few things. But, typically it scares me too much to try. However, since you already did the hard stuff I will try it.

    Although, I don't think south AL blueberries will compare with Maine ones. ....I wonder can you ship those.... ;)

  6. oh yum! we can eat blueberries like no ones business! :)

    i've never made a pie by scratch before, i'm impressed! :)

  7. Oh no, Jen! I'm sorry :-/

    Hehee, äiti - joo pitää mennä takaisin pellolle, kaksi piirakkaa tein aamulla ja ei paljoa mustikoita jäljellä. Annan kanssa kävelyllä metsässä löytyi mustikoita myös!

    Lol, Anna!! You may need to head North to sample some :-D
    We use regular honey - a lot of it :)

    mountain mama, I don't make the pie crust - too much work when Pillsbury crust tastes awesome!!