Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sunday Snapshot {Family Hike}

Sunday Highlights:

- Great little village church to attend.
- A beautiful Fall Sunday in Maine.
- The Captain safely home from his trip to Canada.
- So many hiking trails to explore - this one became a favorite so far.
- Family time all together!

Sunday Snapshot


  1. Breathtaking. Maine is definitely making it onto my maybe-sometime-soon-in-the-future vacation list. ;)

  2. Oh, nice! We love walking around/near water! Have you been up NORTH to Bethel? Some great falls there. I think their called "Steppe".

  3. love it! thank you for sharing your adventures with us! especially enjoy the "nature hikes" since i'm surrounded by a CONCRETE jungle! ;) please keep'em comin'! ;)

  4. p.s. love the list of what you're thankful for. what a lovely reminder to always be thankful!

  5. Anna, I really hope you'll make it! We love Maine.

    Jessy, I'll have to check it out. I haven't been to Bethel yet, the Captain has, though. Thanks :)

    Thank you, Mountain Mama!

    jdavis2, yes - this is an amazing area. We love the nature here. And it reminds me so much of Finland where I grew up.