Monday, September 5, 2011

Last Weeks, Recapped/Viime viikot

Most of August was spent packing up our New Hampshire house.

Hurricane Irene weekend was our actual moving weekend. Yes, great timing.

We moved our belongings to Maine, to the Captain's parents' basement (and attic). By the time we got there we were barely functioning.

In Maine Irene brought rain, and the power was out for about 24 hrs - so glad my in-laws have a generator! In New Hampshire we needed to hire someone to go clean all the debris from our yard, and the house had been without power for a few days, but no one was there.

Next the Captain and two of our boys headed up North to our camp to find no hurricane damage at our property, so they decided to create some of their own ;-)

The camp was cut in half so we can put in a foundation and a basement.

Meanwhile Little Miss and I headed back to New Hampshire to clean our house, pick up the last of our belongings, to close on the house and to....

... pick up Missy and Mr. A from the airport!!! They had had a great time in Finland (and had wanted to stay longer), but it was soooo nice to see them again {hearts}. We even got to visit with my sister and her family a few minutes before they continued on to their next flight.

And a few days later our whole family was together again!!!! I think the boys missed each other :)

Late Saturday night we all drove back to our camp in Maine.

The house is still cut in half. We have had a lot of thunder and lightning storms, and rain. Rain both outside and inside... We are still trying to figure out if we can make this work in the next few weeks. The goal is to have all the outside work done before winter, and our little red two room cabin is almost ready, so we could move in there.

But for now we are sleeping in the main camp bedrooms (untouched at this point), and using the Mothership as our living room and kitchen. It's a bit rough. Kind of like camping.

But the view is incredible.... :)

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Viime viikot toivat mukanaan paljon pakkaamista ja muuttoviikonlopun juuri hurrikaani Irenen aikaan. Onneksi selvisimme vähillä vahingoilla joka paikassa (New Hampshiressä piti siivota piha, Kapteenin vanhemmilla katkesi sähköt n. 24h ajaksi ja pohjoisen mökillä ei ollut tuhoja ollenkaan). Mutta Kapteeni palasi mökille, ja sai aloitettua omat hurrikaanituhot: talo on nyt leikattu kahtia, että saamme kivijalan ja kellarin rakennuksen alle.

Samaan aikaan sain tyhjättyä (kaikesta mitä vielä taloon oli jäänyt) ja siivottua New Hampshiren talomme, kauppakirjat kirjoitettua, ja hain lentokentältä Missyn ja Mr. A:n - heillä oli ollut mahtava kuukausi Suomessa! Lauantaina saimme koko perheen kokoon taas {sydämiä} ja suuntasimme pohjoisen kaaokseen.

En tiedä vielä voimmeko asua täällä seuraavat viikot. Käytämme päärakennuksen makuuhuoneita ja vessoja nukkumiseen (niihin ei ole remontti yltänyt vielä), mutta siellä ei ole keittiötä tai olohuonetta, joten asuntoauto on käytössä myös. Mahdollisesti muutamme viereiseen kahden huoneen punaiseen mökkiin, joka on melkein valmis, tai voi olla että pitää keksiä muita vaihtoehtoja.. Tänä viikonloppuna on satanut paljon, myös sisällä. Eli aika lailla leirintäelämää täällä...

Mutta järvinäköala on upea....!


  1. Oh..I have been so excited for you to get back to Maine. :) For purely selfish reasons, so I can see pictures of the state I love OH SO MUCH!

    Where in Maine are you? Not exact details....but Southern or Northern???

    I lived in Southern, right outside Portland. I miss Sebago Lake, Italian sandwiches, steamed clams (with the necks) and Old Orchard Beach (fried dough and french fries)...along with red hot dogs. :) My goodness, I guess I really like food.

    I love following your journey!

  2. How lucky that your in-laws have a generator ... moving is hard enough without Irene, though! It looks like you're handling everything very well. Good luck! :) Deb @ (visiting from HHH)

  3. Wow! That is alot! So glad you were all safe and back together again. Hope building plans can move along quickly for you guys but at least in the mean time you are..."enjoying the view." :)

  4. Whew! That's a lot of activity in a short time! Glad your kids got back safe from Finland, and that they had a great time. Also, glad your Irene damage wasn't as bad as it could have been.

  5. wow, yes a lot of activity :) glad you are well and enjoying the view. hope you get to rest a bit..

  6. No Greater Love - thank you!! We went on a beautiful hike yesterday I hope to post pictures of. Unfortunately it was raining a bit, so I didn't bring my camera, just the iPhone.
    My in-laws are right outside Portland! Beautiful area, I hope you can come back to visit.

    Thank you, Deb! We are finally starting to recover from the move... Being by the lake helps :)

    Anna, it has been crazy. Every day I have been considering switching scenery, but love being at the lake too.

    Thanks, Malea - the kids would go back to Finland in a heartbeat! We've even considered the other two older kids going there this Fall, but we'll see..

    Thank you, Tina! Yes, life needs to calm down a bit, for sure.

  7. I love reading of your adventures. Makes my life seem boring LOL! But with 5 kids, it rarely is actually. I know you get that!

    Over from Sunday Snapshot at NHY.

  8. roomforatleastonemore - I'd love boring right now!!! And yes, I understand the definition of 'boring with five' :-D

  9. oh wow, you have been so busy! I'm feeling a bit exhausted just reading about your move! But wow, the scenery does look beautiful. We live in dry So. Ca, I really envy those with beautiful surroundings! :)

  10. Hen Jen, So. Ca is so pretty too! My sister lived in San Diego and loved it - we loved visiting too :)