Monday, September 12, 2011

Blueberry Picking/Mustikassa

What would you do on a homeschool day when the internet doesn't work and your school is online based and the library is closed and you live too far away from free public wi-fi spots?

This is what we did:

1) First we read through our Apologia Who Is God? Bible lesson, which is the only subject (other than PE) not online, then notebooked a little about the lesson (which is our handwriting practice).

2) For an hour or so, our 7th graders picked up their laptop computers and joined our neighbor on her porch. When she heard we didn't have internet she graciously invited the children over to use her connection. They each worked on about 1.5 lessons.

3) After lunch the boys joined the Captain in picking up loose siding and roof shingles from around the camp. PE? After two plus hours they went swimming. A little more PE?

4) Us girls joined our neighbor in blueberry picking! And as we are kind and generous souls we shared our bounty with the boys. Next time we'll all go! Wild Maine blueberries are yummy :)

What a GREAT homeschool day today turned out to be!

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Meillä ei toiminut internet tänään, mikä voisi tehdä kotikoulupäivästä hankalan, meidän kotikouluohjelmamme kun on netissä. Mutta me keksimme keinot: Pidimme ensin uskontotunnin (ainoa koulukirja, joka meillä on), sitten 7. luokkalaiset saivat käyttää noin tunnin ajan naapurin internet-yhteyttä heidän kuistillaan. Lounaan jälkeen pojat auttoivat Kapteenia remonttisiivouksessa pihalla, ja me tytöt lähdimme naapuritädin kanssa mustikkaan. Mainen villit mustikat olivat samanlaisia kuin suomalaiset, mutta kasvoivat pellolla, ei metsässä. (Tosin saattaahan niitä metsissäkin kasvaa, tämä oli meidän eka kertamme Mainen mustikoita poimimassa.) Nam, olivat ihania, saimme niin paljon että annoimme poikienkin syödä vatsat ja suut täyteen. Pian uudestaan :)


  1. Love homeschool days like that. Ours was one of those rough days where my kids brains aren't working. I think those are the days I need to just start pitching it and declare "Fun Day."

  2. Yum! It's almost time for apple picking too! Macs are AWESOME!

  3. Sounds terrific!!

    Ok, do you all live in the airstream full time? My hubby was about to have all 8 of us live in an RV for 8 months and I fluctuated between being freaked out and excited. Mostly freaked out. :)

  4. Kasvaisipa ne täälläkin pellolla, olisi paljon mukavampaa kerätä niitä :-)

  5. That's one thing that's great about homeschooling. Being able to go with the flow!

  6. Anna, I've learned that is exactly what we need to do on not-so-good days...

    Jessy, we have three trees on our yard & I need to figure out what they are.. Of course I don't have a kitchen to bake and cook :-/ Well, the RV, but no oven. At least we can snack on these apples.

    Grateful for Grace - we don't live in our RV full-time - I would not be able to do that, at least in our beloved Mothership.. At the moment we are one bed short, and I hate having to undo the table every night & redo in the morning (too heavy). We've done several weeks though, and loved it. At the moment we are rebuilding our camp, and we use the RV kitchen & living room, but sleep in the camp bedrooms - until the windows get replaced... Then, not sure :) I have read blogs of large families who live in their RVs full time, and seem to thrive. It is possible :) All the best with your plans!!

    Ihan totta, Soile, oli kyllä kivempi noukkia :)

    So true, MissMOE! One of the best reasons to homeschool!

  7. It was, and now it's time to go pick some more - as soon as it stops raining. Thanks for visiting & commenting, Dawne!