Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Mr. D Math for High School Geometry

Last year we really struggled with math, and ended up using three different curricula for Algebra I for our four 9th graders. Crazy! Even though we have four teens the same age, their learning styles are different, and what works for one (or even two), doesn't work for everyone.

Mr D ended up using a Thinkwell Video Course, and Missy used Time4Learning Algebra I, which neither course was really working great for them. (They had used AOP Monarch math for middle school, and that wasn't a good fit for them, either - even though Monarch overall had been a great curriculum for us, and we still recommend it.)

Mr T and Mr A were doing fine with AOP Monarch Algebra I, and quite frankly I saw no reason to change their curriculum.

But we needed to find something better for Mr D and Missy. Again.

At the FPEA Homeschool Convention in Orlando, FL, this May I was a homeschool mom on a mission. I checked out every high school math program there. I had had Missy (from Finland!) check out various websites and watch demo videos or math programs, and dragged Mr D from his convention teen program to visit booths that looked promising to me.

One of the ones Missy was very interested was - ironically - something called Mr. D Math. The name made me chuckle, and I immediately thought this could be very confusing on our blog:)
We browsed the website, and my Mr D and I visited Mr. D Math's booth, and talked to Mr. D himself. (Haha:)

We had decided our criteria for math to be:

- Online classes, preferably live and recorded (in case we couldn't make it to live class due to our travels)
- Teacher needed to be able to hold student's interest, and explain things well
- Website that isn't too difficult to navigate
- A separate parent's online section to see grades etc.
- Yet independent learning - parent not needing to be too involved
- Contact with teacher

Mr. D Math seemed to have all of the above, so we decided to give it a try this year.

And we are so glad. Mr. D Math is really fantastic! So fantastic, all our four students are taking Mr. D Math this year.

Once a week our students log-in to their live classes. Mr. D Math offers high school Geometry twice on Tuesdays, and so far our teens have split their classes, two and two. Because of internet issues, they share a computer. There is also homework, tests, and additional instruction videos. If the students can't make it to their live class, they can watch the recording later (a must for us, as we are starting our traveling again).

Today during class one of our students had expressed difficulty in grasping the concept they had been talking about, so Mr. D continued teaching and tutoring after the one hour live class (Thank you, Mr. D!). He can also be reached via phone and email during the week, as needed.

We also appreciate the easy website navigating, as well as an easy internet classroom experience. The teens had no trouble figuring it out, and Mr. D Math sent out instructional videos for us parents, too. The parent section at the Mr. D Math website lets parents view grades and progress.

At dinner time today I told our teens I was writing up a blog post about their Geometry class, and asked if they had any feedback. Mr T shared Mr. D makes Geometry easy and fun. He had also told me earlier he is really enjoying this program better than anything he has used in the past. Everyone agreed.

I am so grateful. Homeschooling is so awesome, but sometimes math (and science) are the weak links. Definitely not the case in our homeschool this year, thanks to Mr. D Math.

Make sure to check out Mr. D Math website, Facebook page and YouTube accounts. Mr. D Math offers many different math classes, one-on-one training, as well as SAT boot camps, and a six-week class on Life Skills.

All opinions expressed in this blog are purely our own. Occasionally sponsors and advertisers will provide products at no charge so they can be reviewed on this site. We only agree to feature a product that the Our Mothership Adventures crew wants to use personally and that we feel would benefit our readers. No exceptions! We are thrilled to be working with Mr. D Math this year!


  1. Thank you for having your family be part of the Mr, D Math program this year! They are amazing young people!
    I am sending this out to everyone I know as well as the entire blog is awesome!

    Mr. D

  2. Thank YOU, Mr D!!! We really have had an amazing math year this year!

  3. Thanks for sharing your experience with Mr. D Math curriculum. I am thinking about trying his geometry next year and was wondering if you think that your children would have done just as well without his live class?

  4. Iamblessed, I am so sorry I forgot to answer your question! Two of my students often do the pre-recorded classes, so I think they would do fine with those. The other two enjoy the live class more, and for one of them the interaction with the class and Mr. D makes it a better experience. Sort of a vague answer, but I think it depends on the student, and how motivated they are.