Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Niagara Falls

On our way to Kentucky we realized one route would take us right by Niagara Falls. Since it had been years since we had been there (Little Miss had never been), we decided to make it our second stop in our travels this spring (first was a couple of days visiting Grandma, Grandpa, Nanny, Aunt C, Uncle P & cousins H, M & M - thanks again for a wonderful time!!!).

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Our teens were about Little Miss' age the last time we visited Niagara. We had stayed at a hotel with an indoor waterpark, and that was what they were most impressed with that visit. This time, despite some snow on the ground, we had a lovely day for walking around, and we really enjoyed the falls.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

We saw them both from the US side and Canadian side, and highly recommend bringing passports and crossing the border. The view is so much better from the Canadian side.

(These photos are in random order as we've struggled with slow internet, and I don't want to fuss with the blog post anymore:)

On the US side we walked around awhile (felt so good after traveling for a day and sleeping by the side of the road). We discovered Three Sister Islands, and a different feel of the falls.

We love traveling in our motorhome. Having a fridge and your kitchen sink makes it so easy to visit places, then return to our home on wheels for some cookies meals and rest.

These last photos are from the Canadian side. Just breathtaking!!! And look at all that snow!

A few hours at Niagara Falls, and we continued our travels. Stay tuned for the next blog posts on our Ohio stops (pretty interesting places to visit).


Tämän kevään asuntoautoreissumme eka pysäkki oli Kapteenin vanhempien, isoäidin ja siskon perheen luona, ja sieltä jatkoimme matkaa Niagaran putouksille New Yorkin osavaltioon. Vietimme puolet ajasta Usan puolella, ja toisen puolen Kanadan puolella. Näköalat Kanadan puolelta ovat paljon upeammat, suosittelemme ehdottomasti!!


  1. Yhta kaunis on kuin muistankin. Me olimme tosin siella toukokuussa (kolmisen vuotta sitten). Talvisempi tunnelma on ihan erilainen mutta aivan yhta kaunista on!

  2. Ina, meidän viimeisin reissu oli marraskuussa (silloin vuosia sitten), ei ollut lunta, mutta tosi kylmä oli. Ja minulle ekalla kerralla olimme myös toukokuussa. Silloinkin yllättävän kylmä.