Friday, April 4, 2014

Nantucket II

Yes, more Nantucket Island pictures. If you didn't see my post from yesterday, click here. This is it for now, more to come in July:)

We had taken the long way to town, and in the end of yesterday's post were a couple photos from Main Street, where most of these were taken. It was a very quiet Main Street (very unlike the one in July). Some of the shops had signs they were reopening in April.

We didn't care. The coffee shop was open.

I wish I had been listening to what the Captain was saying, apparently something hilarious! I was probably muttering to myself something about aperture value and depth of field, trying hard to remember what Nancy from Ordinary Miracles Photography had taught me.

Time to take Christmas decorations down, yes?

At the end of Main Street - surprise, surprise - is water. We skipped the beach, although if we had been there long enough, there might have been a crazy Finn who would have liked to take the first dip of the year. She is thinking of waiting for Florida, though ;-)

So, how far are we from Florida? Iceland? Hong Kong?

By this time it had started raining again, and the kids had abandoned us slow pokes, and were headed back to the house.

The very next morning we walked down to the wharf. The Captain drove the car and trailer onto the ferry, the rest of us walked on board, and we said our good-byes to this special place. For now.

See you soon!


Lisää näitä Nantucketin kuvia. Suurin osa kävelyltä (eilisessä kävelimme kautta rantoin (hih) keskustaan), nyt kiertelemme pääkatua ja laiturialuetta, ja loppuosan kuvat ovat seuraavalta aamulta, kun piti jo lähteä saarelta pois. Takaisin kesällä sitten!


  1. What a wonderful adventure!!! I enjoyed reading your blog this morning!

  2. Hey, great to see the 'Island' again ;)
    I can't believe how big the boys are !!!

    Hugs from France...
    - Patrick

  3. Ihanan näköinen paikka tähänkin aikaan vuodesta!

  4. Thank you, Mary!

    Patrick!!!!! We were just going down memory lane and saw a pic of you and Jerome, and even one of your sister:) Then I find this. We miss you!!

    Eikös, Soile! Oikeastaan kivempi olla siellä näin hiljaisempaan aikaan, kuin kesän hälinässä.