Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Ice Out/Jäät sulivat!

Picnik collage

Last week the lake was still completely covered with ice (as seen in the top left photo). Then the weather warmed up over the weekend, and all the sudden the ice was almost gone!

And that meant it was time for the First Dip of the Year! Which is becoming a tradition (see April 28th, 2011). Yes, it is crazy. No, we still don't have a sauna. But it is so amazing! Especially the feeling soon after you get out of the water - there is a rush that is hard to describe. You stop feeling cold, and actually want to go back in the water for a second dip. So I did:)

Mr. A came with me yesterday, too. No ice anymore - ice out was Monday for us, but it still gave us both a thrill. Want to join us? You don't have to be a crazy Finn to do it:)


Sunset last night. The loons have come back to the lake, too. We've seen them, and the Captain reports he has heard their call. I haven't yet.

Maine sure is a special place.


Tulimme viikonloppureissulta kotiin sunnuntaina, oli lämmin päivä, ja jäät miltei sulaneet. Ei muuta, kuin uikkarit päälle ja heittämään talviturkkia pois! Aivan kuten viime vuonnakin. Aah, kuinka ihana tunne uinnin jälkeen! Menin kaksi kertaa veteen, ja eilen uudestaan Mr. A:n kanssa, tosin ilman jäitä, sillä maanantaina jäät lähtivät.

Kuikat saapuivat tällä viikolla myös, olemme nähneet heidän uivan ohi, ja Kapteeni on kuullut kuikanhuudotkin jo, minä en vielä.

Ihana paikka tämä Mainen osavaltio.


  1. You are AMAZING! I am such a wimp, I could never do this. :) And even a second dip. Wow. You really do get all the fun out of Maine when you are there. I love it. And like I've said before, the memories you are making for your kids are so wonderful!

  2. Brrrrr! LOL My kids have already gone swimming in the lake too! Not me! I'll wait until July? August? when the water is lukewarm! Ha! Good for you though! And the view you have is beautiful!

  3. Brrrr, you are so brave doing it without a sauna! Not tuhat I'd do it with a sauna either...

  4. Thank you for your kind comments, Meredith, Jessy, Sharron & Soile:)
    Now that I've gone in I'll wait for Florida's warm waters to go swimming, again :-D

  5. Every time I visit your blog, I want to move in with my kids and enjoy all the fun :)
    On a side note, Paul McCartney swears by dipping his face in ice water every day ... your body will be youthful from head to toe!

  6. Nicole, we'd love to have you all :-)
    And who knew about Paul McCartney?! My mom & Mr. A went swimming this morning, too - even though they had to walk in snow to do it!! Had a little April snow storm here yesterday..