Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy Resurrection/Hyvää pääsiäistä!

Picnik collage

Jesus is risen! He is risen, indeed! The empty tomb is so significant - without it, we would not have the hope we have. Jesus conquered death as He took our punishment on Himself. We are free! We are free to come to God, our sins have been washed away, as we have been redeemed by the Son of God. Thank You, Jesus!

Our family traveled down to southern Maine to spend Resurrection Sunday with family. We had a wonderful day, as we had Bible study and a meal all together. (Thank you!)

The cousins had baked delicious pumpkin pies that were decorated especially for Easter (so special!). The deviled chicks I put together (mostly with my left hand) made me realize I better not quit my day job to become a caterer. Even the cupcakes had a second batch of chocolate in them as I burned the first. Oh well. Still yummy.

Most people have been posting pictures of their children, cutely dressed in frilly dresses and t-shirts, looking for eggs in the midst of beautiful spring flowers. Well, not here. This is northern Maine on Saturday. Are you ready?


Yes, still cold and muddy in northern Maine. The lake is still iced over (it snowed again, today!). Be careful where you step as you look for eggs, and what you pick up. (The first picture below has a pile of deer droppings on it.)


Happy Easter 2012 from Our Mothership Adventures!


Hyvää pääsiäistä! Jeesus on ylösnoussut, ja kuolemalla kuoleman voittanut! 
                              Sinun ja minun puolestamme.

Meidän perheemme vietti pääsiäislauantain täällä pohjoisessa, ja perinteisesti teimme munajahdin lapsille. Onneksi oli sen verran kylmä päivä, ettei ihan joka paikassa uponnut mutaan.. Sunnuntaina ajoimme etelä-Maineen. Vietimme kivan pääsiäisen sukulaisten kanssa, ja illalla ajoimme takaisin pohjoiseen.


  1. Happy those little egg cute.

  2. I love those eggs. I saw someone post those on FB, and I really wanted to make them. I even told someone about them at church on Sunday, and said next year, I'm bringing little chick deviled eggs. So cute. And as usual, I am so impressed at what you do one handed. :)

  3. Martha & Meredith, I saw the chicks on facebook, too. Very messy to make! Glad I could blame the looks on my one arm, lol.

  4. I LOVE those eggy chicks you made, they turned out really well:)

  5. Thanks, Jessica! They were cute and yummy, although sooo messy:)