Thursday, April 28, 2011

All In A Day/Yhden päivän aikana

We see deer every day. Today, however, we saw a deer on thin ice! The kids noticed it, and were quite concerned. They watched it until they saw it get safely back on land..

The Captain saw a loon swimming by too! Hopefully we can get a photo one of these days.. Maybe it came by as the house was quieter - I took Mr. T to his baseball practice with Little Miss, and stopped by the library again too.

The ice continues to melt rapidly, and we continue watching it (you might be getting a daily report, we are so fascinated by it). Today was another warm day, with some rain showers and strong wind at times, which is helping a lot. Almost all the snow in our yard is gone - another couple of warm days is all it will take.

After The Captain and I got back from our late afternoon walk, the lake started calling me. I was feeling hot from our brisk walk, and there was just a perfect opening near shore to get refreshed... I actually went in twice, because you feel so amazing once your blood starts recirculating and you can breathe again. I have to say I missed our sauna (this lake house definitely needs one!!) afterward, but it wasn't too bad. I might need to do this on a daily basis ;-)
(Crazy Finns, eh?)

Little Miss begged to go for a swim too, but I wouldn't let her. She was freezing even after her warm bath tonight :) But notice the flip-flops!! Spring has sprung!

The Captain and I let Mr. D go on thin ice right near my swimming spot. I was quite surprised he didn't fall in!! He knows (and all the kids know) not to go on the ice anymore, and to always let us know when they are hanging by the water.

Tonight's stormy skies.


Lapset huomasivat valkohäntäpeuran jäillä tänään, ja seurasivat sitä niin kauan että peura varmasti pääsi takaisin maankamaralle. Olin jo valmis soittamaan metsävartijalle tai poliisille... Kapteeni näki myös kuikan ihan meidän rannassa, muttei ehtinyt saamaan kuvaa.

Täällä oli taas lämmin päivä, noin +17 C, välillä satoi vettä, välillä tuuli oikein kovasti, ja lumi ja jäät sulavat nopeaan tahtiin. Saatte varmaankin päivittäisiä raportteja sulamisesta, vietämme niin paljon aikaa järveä katsellen :) Tänään(kin) tosin oli myös kotikoulua, yhdet pesisharkat, kirjastoreissu, kävely, sekä yksi avantouinti! Olin aika ylpeä itsestäni - ei ollut eka kerta jäiden seassa 'uimisessa', mutta eka kerta ilman saunaa! Menin itse asiassa kaksi kertaa veteen, kun se tunne jälkeenpäin on niin uskomattoman mahtava.


  1. what?! you got in twice?! are much braver than i.

    beautiful sky~

  2. Brave or just nuts? Thanks, mountain mama :)

  3. Oh my... Just a little eek for the deer and a huge EEEEP for you! I would N.E.V.E.R. be warm again after something like that!!! Even your pictures made me cold...

    I need a blanket now...


  4. Lol, Dee. I loved it so much I thought I'd do it again every day, but haven't been back yet - I think it needs to be a hot day before I can do it again. Or build that sauna.

  5. Twice? Oh wow! I'm impressed!

  6. Aikas hurjaa tuo avantouintisi! =o
    Uskon, että endorfiinit lähtivät liikkeelle :)

  7. Kristi, I impressed myself too - and haven't done it since :)

    Yep, Nurkkalintu :)