Saturday, April 2, 2011

More Maineism

All us folks with septic tanks

Give to you our heartfelt thanks
For putting nothing in the pot
That isn't guaranteed to rot
Kleenex is bad, matchsticks too
Tampons are a Big taboo
Everything but number one and two
No hair combings - use the basket

There's a darn good reason

Why we ask it!!

This pic would not turn the right way no matter what I tried. But it says:

Betty that bat lives in the umbrella on the front porch. So when you open it be careful of her. She is very delicate.

Please remember you are in the wild woods of maine. There are critters that love to come in open doors... (If you click on the pictures they should appear larger.)

And I'm adding the one from yesterday too, to keep them together.
All notes were found in this old lake house up in northern Maine.

This is it for now, folks. It's going to be another {new} adventure, for sure!


  1. well, at least they warn you about the bat!!!
    those notes are too, too funny!!!

  2. mountain mama - I was quite happy to find a couple of these notes (prepared for renters), they help us figure out the quirks of the place!

    It's Maine ;-)

  3. LOL Well, we do like to be witty...


  4. What lake cabin is completely without a bat in an umbrella?!

  5. LOL, Jessy and anything but LoKEY!!!

    Kiitos, Lady <3