Friday, April 1, 2011

It's Maine/Se on Mainea

In case you can't read the note above, it says:

1st Bedroom on right
Bathroom shower
Shower valve is
Installed upside down
It works fine
But upside down
it's Maine.

It's Maine. And that wasn't the only oddity discovered today (there might be another post tomorrow :). Yes, we are in Maine. Where on April Fools Day there was no sign of Spring. It has snowed all day.

No one in our family was complaining though. The boys and Little Miss had a creative way of way of bring our luggage into the house from our snowmobile trailer on top of the driveway.

Afterward it was challenging to find a warm spot: I think the ancient furnace in the basement is still moaning and groaning to heat up this old camp.

It is interesting... We had planned to be back in Florida by now, but here we are, in Northern Maine. Not far from the Canadian border. In the middle of a blizzard, and talking about snowmobiling, skiing and cross-country skiing. And possibly delaying our return to Florida. So we can stay here at this beautiful old lake house a bit longer.

Most of my day was filled with cleaning and scrubbing (with lake water!), finding little discoveries in all kinds of places making us want to scrub a little bit harder.. (No, I don't think I want to share any more.)

But it wasn't just all work: there was a serious indoor Nerf-game or two, more extreme sledding, a new movie, and also a little bit of school (which reminds me I never had a chance to grade their work...)

After a full, but a wonderful day, a good night wish to all, from our house (which is still a bit chilly, but where electric blankets have been turned on and where hearts are happy and warm) to yours.


Emme siis olekaan vielä Floridassa niin kuin oli tarkoitus - olemmekin pohjois-Mainessa lähellä Kanadan rajaa, missä lumimyrsky jyllää ulkona, ja sisällä pikkuhiljaa alkaa olla niin lämmintä että voi ottaa talvitakin pois päältä ;-)


  1. wow...a shower head installed upside down?

    sounds like quite an adventure! thanks for the update, i was thinking about ya'll yesterday.

    God bless you all ~ stay warm!

  2. LOL Another April snow storm, huh? We only got 4-5 inches on the island and 8-10 at home. Only. Where's Spring?


  3. mountain mama, I actually need to go check that shower - it says it's the valve, so turning the shower on and off might be tricky. We didn't try it yet :)

    Jessy, I heard 15" inches here in northern Maine!

  4. Oh, and mountain mama - I was so touched you had thought of us!!! I am so glad I found your blog - we may be following your footsteps, and you might become my go-to blogger ;-)

    Jessy, you too! You are already IN MAINE!!!

  5. Wow, what an adventure! I am so envious. I want to be in a shady lake cabin... ;)

  6. anything but LoKEY, welcome here :) Well, you might want to wait until we finish scrubbing :-D