Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Last Homeschool Nerf Club/Viimeinen Nerf-klubi?

Our big kids' favorite activity here in New England this year has been a monthly homeschool Nerf Club, organized by a local homeschool mom and attended by dozens of local homeschoolers. (More info in this post.) Today's was probably the last time for us as we are preparing to start our travels again.

We brought a friend along for Little Miss, but to our great disappointment the room for littles was not open during Nerf Club. The girls watched the big kids for a while, and we spent some time at the playground too. Brrr!!! It was not as warm as it looks!! We definitely missed our hats and mittens, and were so thankful for hot chocolate afterward.

This is an activity we'll miss when we leave! As well as all our good friends too...

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Alamme olla valmiita aloittamaan matkustelut taas, joten tämänpäivän Nerf-klubi oli todennäköisesti viimeinen meille. Harmi, koska tämä on ollut koululaisten lempiharrastus täällä Uudessa Englannissa. (Lisää Nerf-klubista tässä postauksessa.)

Tänään meillä oli Pikkuneidin ystävä mukana, mutta valitettavasti huone pikkuisille oli suljettu. Tytöt katselivat isojen meininkiä hetken, ja lopun aikaa leikimme ulkona leikkipuistossa. Hytisten. Kaipasimme lapasia ja hattuja, brrr... Onneksi saimme kuumaa kaakaota sisällä!


  1. How fun! My kids would LOVE a nerf club! It will be fun to see your travels! (Do you have a post of how things work INSIDE your RV? Like sleeping and cooking? I'm curious about how others do that with several kids.)


  2. Jessy, we are in Maine now, and my kiddos are asking me to start a nerf club here. But can't do it yet - we'll be back on the road soon'ish. (If you were close enough we could join forces, but I don't think you live very close to were we are...)

    Once we get to our RV, I'll have to do an inside post - it usually is very lived in and I cringe posting pics of it ;-)