Friday, March 25, 2011

Happy Weekend/Hyvää viikonloppua!

These four were so excited to leave today for our church's Youth Weekend. Their first! Mom can't believe they are old enough to go... It will be a quiet weekend at our house.

Of course, Little Miss will keep filling our house with her sweet voice. Singing songs like this one found in my mac's Photo Booth collection (to my great surprise - this girl at age 5 is a computer whiz!). And what do you think of this next one? :)

She is hilarious!! And precious. So precious.


Isot lapset lähtivät innoissaan kirkkomme nuorten viikonloppuleirille. Ensimmäistä kertaa. Vaikea uskoa, että ovat tarpeeksi vanhoja... Ja kuinka hiljaista kotonamme tulee olemaan?! Pikkuneiti toki viihdyttää meitä ihanilla lauluillaan. Yllä kaksi videota, jotka löysin yllätyksekseni tietokoneeni Photo Booth-ohjelmasta - pikkuinen osaa tietokoneen käytön :)


  1. That last one is hysterical! What a cutie! My oldest will be going off for church camp this summer too. :/ She's ready, but I'm not!

  2. Thank you Allu, Soile & HarmlessColor!

    anything but LoKEY, good luck on the summer camp! Our four started going to summer camp when they were 10. That first year I was a wreck, and last year knew they'd be just fine :)

  3. I know about those quiet weekends, too, only we're down just one! I can't imagine four! Oh that sweetie girl! :)

  4. Bethany, it was unnaturally quiet!!! Which, I have to admit, was also kind of nice ;-)