Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Pinewood Derby 2011

The Captain & the kids have been involved in Discovery Clubs at church on Wednesdays. Tonight was the long-awaited Pinewood Derby night.

Between us moving, and Grandma & Grandpa moving, plus tools packed who knows where, the Captain & the big kids decided to reuse and remodel their cars from two years ago (we didn't race last year).

Missy's car was one of the most creative cars of the night, but unfortunately too heavy to race. She was able to enter it in the Most Creative category, but lost to a very real looking Hershey Bar race car, made by a friend. Missy was quite disappointed, but also happy for her friend. We think her Wizard of Oz-themed car was awesome!

The boys' cars didn't do as well as they had hoped, and we were quite saddened at their reactions. Even though we had reminded the kids to win graciously and lose graciously, they struggled tonight.

Mr. A brought home 3rd place trophy, but the true rewards, we believe, came from our discussions in the car afterward. How glad we are for hearts willing to learn and change, and for God's grace and mercy.

Despite some challenges, we all had a great time at Pinewood Derby tonight. We are very thankful our church does such a great job at Discovery Clubs, and tonight's race event was fantastic!!

Enjoy this short video clip from tonight. Mr. A's green race car is the one closest to the camera.


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting from HHH :) I read some of your adoption story and your family and travels sounds so interesting. Your children are beautiful!
    Congrats on your son's races and trophy! My son was in the Pine Wood Derby and won for his Pack which is exciting. This weekend he races in district! He is a very humble winner I must say as he tried so hard to console his best friend who was upset at not placing as well as he'd like.

  2. Thank you, Tracy! So sweet about your son <3 Good luck to him this weekend in the district races!!!