Thursday, March 10, 2011

Birthday Girl/Synttärisankari

Here is a photo of our Beautiful Birthday Girl! Doesn't she look taller already?
We had a fun day of celebrating Little Miss. Unfortunately technology is not co-operating tonight - after struggling for a couple of hours and trying to upload photos, I am giving up, and will try again tomorrow. We are pretty wiped out from partying anyway ;-)


Meillä oli hauska päivä juhliessamme kaunista synttärisankariamme, mutta kuvia pitää odottaa ainakin huomiseen - en saa niitä millään tietokoneelle, nyt annan periksi. Aika väsy onkin juhlimisen jäljiltä ;-)


  1. Happy 5 to your beautiful girl!

  2. Thanks, Kristi! Same to yours :) Neat that our girls share a birth date and birth country <3

  3. What a beautiful birthday girl! It looks like the party was super fun!