Friday, March 18, 2011

Six Seasons/Kuusi kautta

Did you know New England has six seasons? Yes, six! The typical four: Winter, Spring, Summer & Fall are just not enough for us hardy New Englanders. Oh no, we have been blessed with six seasons. (At least here in the Northern New England states.)

Folks, we are about to enter The Mud Season in New England. Welcome to our muddy roads and muddy clothes and muddy trucks and muddy boots and muddy laundry and, well, you get the point.

A picture of our four older kids in The Mud Season of 2008, taken by our babysitter while the Captain & I had escaped for two days the season to a Southern New England state where the tulips were already blooming.

As I was forcing encouraging the kids to go outside for some fresh air (as we do, every day), they were complaining how it wasn't cold enough and how we didn't have enough snow for sledding. (I know, they we are weird.) The boys had clearly forgotten the joys of mud. I decided to go for a walk with Little Miss, and soon everybody followed, as I had expected.

Soon our dirt road will get a sign (if it isn't there already) limiting the weight of the trucks. The sides of our muddy roads will get super soft, and it isn't pretty when trucks get stuck. I think it is still cold enough, but soon you will want to stick to the middle of the road when traveling on a dirt road (no pun intended :).

Open water, melting ice has powerful draw - especially when it comes to boys and their sticks.... Last year we lost all snow end of March, I'm not sure if we can do that this year. There is still a fair amount of ice and snow on the ground. And yes, it's a miracle nobody fell in the water!

When we got back to our house, a snowball fight ensued. I was just thankful it wasn't a mudball fight. I had enough laundry to deal with as it was.

Little Miss tried on her sister's snowshoes - they worked for her! She had so much fun conquering our yard and making tracks everywhere.

Oh, and you ask about the sixth season in New England? Why, that is The Black Fly Season, closely following The Mud Season and Spring. And us? We are hoping to be in Florida by then, no black flies for us, thankyouverymuch.


Meillä on täällä Uudessa Englannissa kuusi kautta. Uuden Englannin asukkaille ei riitä tavalliset neljä: talvi, kevät, kesä ja syksy. Meillä on myös mutakausi ja mäkäräkausi.

Mutakausi on juuri alkamassa, kaikki kuvat on tänään otettuja, paitsi yksi kuva koululaisista mutakaudelta 2008 (sekä tuo viimeisin mies mäkärävarusteet päällään).

Mäkäräkauden aikana meidät löytää Floridasta!


  1. Onpa teillä jo keväistä. Meillä satoi tänään varmaan 15 cm lisää lunta. On taas niin talvista.
    Tuo mutakausi on se "mielenkiintoisin" kausi. Silloin olisi mukavaa myös olla Floridassa ja palata sitten vapuksi kotiin:) Harmi, että Florida on täältä niin kaukana. Sinne pääseminen on meillä lapsilla ja nuorilla unelmana.

    Hauskaa mutakautta teille lapsille ja äidille pitkää pinnaa sotkujen siivoamiseen:)


  2. Haha, muddy season! Sounds fun but i'm sure it has its drawbacks as well .... at least for the moms of 5 kids who have to wash the clothes and clean the shoes ...

    The muddiest I've ever been was in Iceland. I got my shoe stuck in ankle-deep mud ... the difference was, that mud was boiling (mudpot)
    .... no i didn't burn my self, but laughed so hard that needed to change not only the shoes (when I got them out) but also my pants... ;)

  3. Sirkku, just tänään tuli taas ihan kunnolla lunta meillekin!! Eli ihan talvista taas, mutta lapsista vaan kivaa :) Minä kyllä alan olla valmis lähtemään Floridaan :)

    Very cool, MaaMaa!!! I so want to visit Iceland one day (other than the airport :)! I'll have to be prepared with two sets of shoes and pants ;-D