Tuesday, March 22, 2011

One Year Later/Yksi vuosi myöhemmin

One year and 140 posts later.

Today our blog Mothership Adventures turns 1 years old!

I read the first post I had written a year ago today, and had to chuckle: in a way not a lot has changed in a year. I guess we are all a year older, but we are again in New England, planning to head to Florida next month. Still self-employed, homeschooling and Little Miss attending preschool. Still a little bit in limbo on where God is leading our family. Our New England house is going back on the market soon (we took it off for the winter while living here). We'll see what adventures God has planned for us this year.

But what a year it has been! We started last year in New England, then spent a fun Spring in Florida, but returned to New England (& Canada!) for the Summer. The Fall found us again in Florida where we attended a fantastic homeschool co-op, and were involved in all kinds of homeschool and non-homeschool activities. Oh, and loving the beach!!! But then came back to New England for Christmas and the Winter season. So, not very hard to figure out where we headed next, lol...


Tänään blogimme täyttää yksi vuotta!! Vuosi sitten kirjoitin tämän postauksen, eikä paljon ole muuttunut siitä tilanteesta. Olemme jälleen Uudessa Englannissa, pian lähdössä takaisin Floridaan. Mutta täysi vuosi takana: pohjoisesta etelään, takaisin pohjoiseen kesäksi, etelään syksyksi ja talveksi pohjoiseen. Ei ole vaikea arvata mihin suuntaamme seuraavaksi :)


  1. Oh, goodness! Congrats on blogging for a year here! We've loved every minute (=post) of it!

    Funny how things change in a year... and don't. :) What a great collage!

  2. Happy blogiversary! I LOVE the way you've used the freedom of homeschooling to adapt your homeschool to your family's amazing lifestyle! I'm so glad we met through Hip Homeschool Moms! Deb @ LivingMontessoriNow.com

  3. Onnittelut yksivuotiaalle :-)

  4. Congratulations!! I can't wait to read about all the upcoming adventures!!

  5. Onnea yksivuotiaalle blogille! ♥

    Ihana on ollut lukea, ihanaa on lukea jatkossakin.

  6. Thank you, Saina! Yup, some things change, others... don't ;-)

    Thank you, Nurkkalintu <3

    Thanks, Deb! HH Community has been great, I have learned so much through other homeschool bloggers!!

    Kiitos, Soile ja Lady <3

    Thank you, Bethany!!! Guess what.. we are planning to leave next week :( I had really hoped to get together with you & yours. The last weeks always fly by for me! Maybe we can plan something fun & summery when we get back. Like a certain ice cream farm nearby ;-)

  7. I must not let my husband see your blog! Your "Mothership" is his dream!!

  8. LOL, Sam!!! We'll have to hide it from him :)

  9. Hi again! Thoughts on Apologia: My son did General Science with a Lap n' Note from Live n' Learn Press this year. I love the detailed information in these texts, the easy-to-pull-together experiments, review questions, and tests. We DO have the extra CDs, but my son has NEVER used them. He does seem to enjoy Gen Sci and has learned a lot! (It is a hard book to get thoroughly done in one year though.)


  10. Jessy, that is good feedback, thank you! I have the Gen Sci book here on loan from a friend, but I am not quite as thrilled about it. Looking at the Physical Science online, I think it's looks like a better fit for us here, at least for 7th grade. Good to know about the cd's too.