Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Homeschool Nerf Club/Kotikoulun Nerf-Klubi!

Today was the long awaited Homeschool Nerf Club - the first time for our four oldest.
Before leaving the house though:

1. water - check!
2. darts - check!
3. grocery bag - check!
4. undershirt - check! (last minute scramble, almost forgot!)
5. guns - check!
6. goggles - check! (ran out to Wal-Mart today to get some..)
7. clean feet - check!
8. dues - check!
9. cell #xxx-xxxx
10. white T - check! (needed to write names on them still!)
11. rainbow T - check!
12. label all - check! (times four!)
13. shorts - check!
14. duffel - check!
15. email cancellation - check! (whew, no cancellation!!)
16. rule review and good sportsmanship - check! (great rules!!)

Ready to go!!

First, let's go over the rules, and divide the group into two teams. Then building barricades and let the games begin!

Madness!! Wildness!! Fun!!!!!!

And afterward: sorting the darts, finding your own. By moms. Note to self: mark ours even clearer. Back in a month? Yes, definitely!!!


Tänään oli kovin odotettu Kotikoulu Nerf-klubi. Eka piti tarkkaan varmistaa että jokaisella oli kaikki tarvittavat kamat. Sitten pelaamaan! Hauskaa oli, nyt kovasti jo odotetaan helmikuun Nerf-klubia :)


  1. Wow! That looks like a crazy fun time. My boys would absolutely love that. Did you help organize it? Hmmm...{gears turning}

  2. Christy, it is one of my kids' highlights of the month! No, I didn't help organize it, in fact the club started in the Fall, but we just joined as we spent the Fall in Florida. If you email me at ourmothershipadventures @ gmail.com I can send you the rules the organizer mom sent us.

  3. OH. MY. GOSH! My son would just about DIE to take part in that!!! I am emailing you for details!!!

    I've been off most social media and blogs for a while, but am back and catching up. Looks like you all have been having a wonderful time.

  4. Welcome back, Malea!!! Yes, I do have our guidelines somewhere.. on my old computer. Let me see if I can pull them out for you!