Monday, January 17, 2011

Sleeping Snowmobiler/Nukkuva moottorikelkkailija

Good things she wasn't the driver!! It is a miracle she could sleep on the bumpy trails we were on.

Perked up by some hot chocolate!!

It was sunny and beautiful when we started this afternoon, but Oh So Cold. And as the sun set, the temps dropped too. Nine degrees became a freezing minus one. Fahrenheit. Brrr!!!!! Way Too Cold For Snowmobiling!!! But quite beautiful too. Too bad my fingers were too frozen to take any more iPhoto pictures (won't work with gloves on!), because we missed photos of snow covered trees, sparkling white in the sunlight peeking through branches. Or the pink sunset we saw through the forests. Or the snow flying as The Captain and Mr. T flew ahead of me on their machines.

On our way back we saw the groomer making the almost unbearably bumpy trails into smoother ones. Made it quicker to rush back into warmth!!

At home it took hours to thaw... I think from now on I will be checking the weather sites for temps before venturing out! Brrr!!!! This was definitely the last outdoor homeschool PE class in these temperatures!!


Ylimmässä kuvassa Pikkuneiti nukkuu Kapteenin moottorikelkan kyydissä, ihan uskomatonta että pystyi nukahtamaan monttuisilla reiteillä. Kuuma kaakao piristi ja lämmitti, kun pysähdyimme hetkeksi kyläkauppaan.

Päätin etten enää koskaan mene moottorikelkkailemaan näin kylmällä säällä. Kun aloitimme, asteita oli -13 C, mutta kun pääsimme perille, asteet olivat pudonneet -18C. Brrr!!! Ihan liian k-k-kkylymä!!! Varsinkin kotikoulun liikuntatunnille ulkona!


  1. Wow, PE looks sooo fun with your family...minus the freezing cold temperatures. Your daughter is so adorable with her hot chocolate...beautiful pic!

    Stopped over from the HHHop.

  2. I love how fantastically hot chocolate can chase away the cold!
    Popped over from HHH.

  3. Thanks for stopping by Mama Know Best & Rhen! Gotta love HHH & finding new blogs :)

  4. ohh wow you actually LIVE an adventure. FUN!

  5. Alyssa, yes - fun, but also a bit exhausting ;-)

  6. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! I loved reading all about your winter fun - what a great blog you have and wonderful photography!!

    Alicia - Joy In The Every Day

  7. Oh my goodness- That looks like such a blast!!! Now that's my kind of homeschool PE. :)

    Blessings to you,

  8. Thank you, Childledhomeschool, Alicia & Sue! Thanks for hopping by :)

  9. Thanks for visiting A Season for All Things. I went in depth on your question on Voices of The Faithful. You have a beautiful family and an exciting life. I'm your newest follower! Ellen

  10. How exciting! I'm visiting from the HipHomeschool Hop. The photos are fantastic. What a great memory making adventure for the kids you've given!

  11. Thank you so much for your answer, Ellen! Very helpful!

    Thank you, Mommie Kate! I enjoyed visiting your blogs this morning.