Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Watching The Ice Melt

Spring has arrived to Northern Maine! Finally!!! We wore t-shirts and flip-flops today, people!
(Just in case I'm keeping our winter gear close by...)

Other tidbits:

- Mr. D and I explored the shore/woods some more
- Mr. T started baseball this week, woot woot!!
- Missy has her best friend over this week (insert hearts here)
- School is going great (yay!)
- We may have a loose schedule for our next few weeks... it will include traveling again (more later)
- I don't think I've remembered to blog about it, but last week I finally got a washer & dryer & a dishwasher!! They all work, and I'm back to happily washing laundry every day ;-)
- And that is all I can say, have to crawl over to bed...... zzzzzz
- Anteeksi, ei suomea tällä kertaa....


  1. Wow, unbeliavable, ice-storm and flip-flop weather within one week!!!

    Congrats for the appliances ;-)

  2. Love, love, love the pic of him sitting at the end of the dock. Awesome!

  3. Soile, ihan ihmeellinen viikko ollut!! Ja tänään kova tuuli, mutta lämmin, ja sadekuuroja aina välillä.

    Thank you, Anna! I love it too, and how it wasn't even staged ;-) Mr D was sitting there, enjoying the view and our break..

  4. Your photos of the water remind me of my dad's. He lived his last five years in coastal Maine and was always drawn to the rocks at the water's edge...

  5. Kristi, the water does have a draw! Whether it's lake or ocean.. Today is ice-out day for us! A few ice chunks still floating, but they'll be gone by tonight :)