Monday, April 4, 2011

Pioneer Life/Pioneerielämää

Psalm 37: 5-6 Commit your way to the Lord; trust in him and he will do this: He will make your righteousness shine like the dawn, the justice of your cause like the noonday sun.

Today we woke up to this view at six something am. Wow! I handed my iPhone to the Captain so he could take some pictures, took migraine meds, and fell back to sleep. By nine am I felt more human and was able to get up.

Life here in the wilderness is a little more challenging than in my convenient modern home. Today I was thinking maybe I should be waking up at six in the morning to get everything done. I might have to look at my priorities and choices a little closer too.

Yesterday I was presented by two choices:

A) Snowmobiling with the Captain and Mr. T, or...

B) Continuing to work on my country kitchen, scrubbing cabinets, lining them with shelf paper, and hand washing everything in the cabinets:

I think I chose wisely ;-)

While most of the trails had plenty of snow, and we loved our (last) snowmobiling of the season (yes, I think I've said that a couple of times already), the last 10% of the trails that were muddy and bare made it a bit of a rough ride. We had a good time though, and even enjoyed a picnic lunch on the trails (after Papa Captain found the most perfect picnic spot :).

And after we got home, Missy (and Little Miss too) helped me conquer those kitchen cabinets. The kitchen is almost done now. I would have finished today, but in the morning learned some family members were out of clean underwear, and after homeschooling I had to take a trip to the laundromat in town.
We do have a washer & dryer here too, but they are in the special room (has beds like in Dan In Real Life) that has no heat. Hopefully Spring will arrive to Northern Maine too, and we can hook up the washer & dryer soon. The laundromat was fine, but the whole trip (with grocery run too) took about three hours, ugh...

And those choices & priorities?

Tonight I chose to sit by the fire and blog, instead of working on finishing the kitchen. Or conquering other rooms. And yes, that is how cold it was today - I was wearing warm boots, sweater & down vest - while inside! Spring in Maine is not for the faint at heart!!

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Elämä täällä pohjois-Mainen korvessa on vähän hankalampaa kuin modernissa kodissani. Töitä riittää, ja yleensä jokainen askare kestää tuplasti kauemman. Tänä aamuna heräsimme kuuden aikaan upeaan auringonlaskuun, ja olisi pitänyt nousta jo silloin töitä tekemään. Sen sijaan napsin migreenilääkkeet, käänsin kylkeä ja nukahdin uudestaan noin kolmeksi tunniksi.

Viisaasti pitää valita, mikä on tärkein tehtävä päivälle. Kuten eilen: moottorikelkkailu vai keittiön kuurauksen jatkaminen. Luonnollisesti päätin käydä moottorikelkkailemassa, ja vasta sitten käärin hihani ja jatkoin keittiön siivoamista. Kaikki kaapit tyhjiksi, kaikki piti pestä, niin kaapit kuin astiatkin. Onneksi tytöt auttoivat.

Tänään jouduin valitsemaan pyykinpesun kaupungin itsepesulassa (tämän talon pesukone on huoneessa, jossa ei ole eristystä tai lämmitystä, joten emme ajatelleet laittaa sitä vielä käyntiin..). Tietyt perheenjäsenet eivät osaa käyttää samoja vaatteita päivistä toiseen (minä käytän varsinkin mökillä systeemiä: haiseeko tai onko isoja tahroja), ja huomiseksi ei olisi riittänyt puhtaita vaatteita, etenkään alusvaatteita.

Illalla en halunnutkaan sitten valita siivouksen jatkamista, vaan nappasin tietokoneen syliin ja tein oloni kotoisaksi takkatulen äärellä. Ja kuten kuvasta näkee, täällä on vielä aika kylymää, minulla on sisällä päällä kunnon talvisaappaat, villapaita ja untuvaliivikin, brrr!!!


  1. Nuo UGGit on kyllä lämpimät ja sinne on ihana mennä paljainkin jaloin.

  2. Thanks for sharing :) These photography skills are great :) Magnificent snaps :)

  3. Fun site! You're pretty close to us... We're on the other side of the border. :) From HHH

  4. Only 3 hours for laundry and groceries? Not bad! LOL Despite living in Maine, we have YET to go snowmobiling! Looks like lots of COLD fun! Your "getaway" looks wonderful! Enjoy the pioneer life!


  5. Allu, paljoin jaloin minäkin. Ihanat!!

    Thank you, Liikeri! Welcome to our blog :)

    Hello Neighbors, Island Girl :)

    Jessy, I can't imagine snowmobiling being that great near the ocean. But I do hope you make a trip North sometime to try it!!
    I hear warmer temps are on their way, hopefully that means we can hook up our washer & dryer without fear of frozen pipes :)

  6. Looks like a beautiful place... how long are you planning on staying there... I think i could get comfy and be there awhile:)

  7. Gayly, we don't know!! We have to return to Florida at some point.. But (not?) surprisingly, we are not in a hurry anymore.. I personally want to be here to watch the ice melt on the lake! Honestly, I think we'll be here for a while now, except for a trip to FL at some point, and another to Nantucket in July to spend time with the Captain's family. And the Fall? Don't know!! :)

  8. I love your home! So warm and cozy. Absolutely lovely pics :) Visiting you from HHH.

  9. Thank you, Robin! It is work in progress, as this old house needs a lot of work. But we love the view (it's becoming my mantra :)

  10. I actually felt a little jack frost on my nose! But that cozy fireplace really warmed me up...

  11. Rachel, it is STILL that cold!! 22F tonight, brrr... I'm still wearing my down vest & Uggs INSIDE, and it's middle of April! But the wonderful fire right in front of me is keeping me wrong (sigh of contentment).