Friday, April 15, 2011

That's It!!!

I have had it. I'm ready to admit defeat, and give up. (Do I hear the Captain yelling *Finally!!* from the other room??) The walls around me, made of dirty laundry, are grumbling down. And it's not pretty. In fact, it's smelly.

We have been living here in Northern Maine two weeks now. I normally wash a minimum of two loads of laundry. Every. Single. Day. To keep up with it. And since there are seven of us, and we don't have that many clothes, I MUST keep up with it. Here in the sticks we don't have a washing machine. Yet. I have held on to the belief the machine is coming, and since my last visit to the laundromat took four hours and almost twenty dollars, I haven't wanted to repeat that experience.

Sooo..... I am about to head to the laundromat. Right now. However, since I haven't done laundry in so many {many, many} days, and I don't have hours to spend in the laundromat, I am just going to stuff big black garbage bags with our stinkin' dirty clothes, and drop them off.

At this point I'm ready to spend the $$$$ and have the service wash and fold it for me.

Except for one bag. I don't know how long the service takes, so I separated an outfit for everyone, and plan to at least wash one load there myself. So we can actually have clean clothes for the weekend. Maybe I can run a couple of quick errands while the machine is on.

Yesterday I ventured out to the Big City aka dwelling place of the closest Walmart, and even BOUGHT new underwear and socks for everyone, hoping to last until we get a washing machine here. I get home, and the Captain announces he has no more shirts or pants that pass the sniff test.

I knew it then. My fight is over. Laundromat, here I come with my bags of stinkies.


  1. :D :D This would make such a good comic! I see the mountains growing around you!

  2. Nuo on niitä taistoja, jotka jokainen (pesukoneensa "menettänyt") häviää joskus. On vaan pakko mennä pesemään/pesettämään pyykkinsä. Vaivatonta reissua toivotan. Mahtava pyykkivuori teillä kyllä! Menikö montakin $?

  3. oh bless your heart! when will the washer be there??

    yes, i'd pay the $ too to have them washed and folded.

  4. I know the feeling! I once went and bought socks and underwear we could get 2-3 weeks without washing. I hope YOUR washer comes soon!


  5. hahaha This made me laugh. Bless your heart. I see the shady lake cabin definitely has it's slight disadvantages. ;)

  6. Thanks for your sweet comments, Ladies! Honestly, I should have gone done the wash & fold a lot sooner: a huge heavy garbage bag (the Captain estimated 40 lbs?) is costing us $28. That's it!! I would have been the same or more if I had used the machines there.. I was able to drop it off, and go pick them up tomorrow morning.

    mountain mama, I really shouldn't complain: this house was sold with appliances, but the washer (& the dishwasher) didn't make it through the winter. The previous owner was first having it/them repaired, but the appliance folks only make it to this town once a week, and haven't shown up. Now he is replacing the washer with a new one! We just don't know when it will come.. We were told to wait for a call from the appliance store, which hasn't happened (we aren't planning to buy any future appliances from them, that's for sure...). A little awkward to call the the place and ask about it since we aren't the ones buying it ;-)
    Ah well, I'll be using the wash & fold service while I'm waiting :-D

  7. Oh wow. That is a BIG pile of laundry. A REALLY big pile.
    I'll not complain about the three loads of clean laundry sitting on my couch waiting to be folded...

  8. Kristi, that picture isn't mine, but the mountain looked about the same ;-)