Tuesday, April 19, 2011


This was us, yesterday. We woke up to a winter wonderland - an inch of fresh snow covered everything.

Eilen heräsimme pariin senttiin uutta lunta.

By late afternoon, most of the new snow had melted, and we were back to mud.

Myöhään iltapäivällä melkein kaikki uusi lumi oli sulanut, paljastaen mudan.

Full moon two nights ago, magical over lake.

Kaksi yötä sitten, täysikuu järven yllä.

Signs of Spring coming - a little less ice than two days ago.

Kevään merkkejä, pikkasen vähemmän jäätä (kuin edellisessä postauksessa).

A trip to town with (more of) our dirty laundry. A trip back with our dirty laundry. Apparently in April a lot of businesses shut down. But the trip wasn't completely unsuccessful: The post office had a sweet package from Finland (thank you Muori & Vaari!!)!!!

Reissu kaupunkiin uusimpien likapyykkiemme kanssa. Reissu takaisin uusimpien likapyykkiemme kanssa. Ilmeisesti monet paikat sulkevat ovensa huhtikuussa. Muttei meillä ollut ihan turha reissu: postista löytyi paketti Suomesta (kiitos Muori ja Vaari!!)!!!

During homeschool I looked out the window to see the deer munching in our yard. They are everywhere here!! We love to see them, but I do wonder about deer ticks.. It might be wise to stock up on Deet.

Kotikoulun aikana katsoin ikkunasta ulos - siellä oli peuroja pihallamme! Niitä on kaikkialla. Ihana katsella, mutta punkit (ja Lymen tauti) pelottavat. Taitaa olla aika ostaa ötökkämyrkkyä.

Ah, so beautiful! Have I mentioned yet we love Maine?

Aah, niin kaunista! Olenko maininnut vielä kuinka me rakastamme Mainea?


  1. I LOVE your blog and your lifestyle. What a way to live. Jealous. I love northern Maine.. the mountains and lakes. We traveled through there many times on our way to Canada. I can only imagine how beautiful it is right now. Looking forward to reading more of your adventures.

  2. Beautiful photos! How neat on the deer! The spring peepers are out here now!


  3. I've heard that chickens and guinea hens are good at keeping the ticks and bugs eaten. You need some chickens!
    Why do the stores close in April?

  4. Thank you Kelly And Allison! I was so excited when I found your blog <3

    Jessy, we have an ice storm.

    One Acre Follies - good to know!
    April is their slowest month here, so many businesses close. At least the grocery store stays open :)