Sunday, April 17, 2011

Hey Mom, May We Go On Thin Ice?

"Hey Mom, may we go on thin ice?", my boys asked. My answer?

"Sure! But wait so I can get my camera ready...!"

Yes, I let my boys go on thin ice. But only the two who had rain boots on. Only in very shallow water. And only while I was right there to record rescue if necessary.

We actually haven't been on ice for days. But I have been insisting the ice is still very thick and safe. Until today. Now the ice is off limits - for mom too. Now we'll just keep taking pictures as we wait for the ice to melt.

Mr. A, Mr. D and Little Miss joined me on my walk, which ended up turning into an exploratory hike in the woods, followed by the walk on thin ice (Mr. T joined us at that point too).

Snowmobiling may be over for the year, but let the hiking season begin!!

I was so glad to have my iPhone (and coverage!) in my pocket as we steered off the road. We found a wide path in the woods, and started following it. It was nice to know where we were - my sense of direction was not to be trusted. (Which is good to know, lol)

Road ends and path starts.

We had snow, mud and dry patches, hills, fallen trees, briars, deer tracks and droppings on our path.

I have to admit I was relieved to get back on the road. We should have been more prepared (like Our Side Of The Mountain mama was with her backpacks), it would have been good to have snacks and binoculars with us. Next time!

PS. Our wildlife report for today: we had deer visit our yard again, the Captain and Missy saw a moose on the road, and this morning we had a squirrel chase in our living room and kitchen! It was unclear who was chasing who. But the squirrel ended up outside. It's Maine!

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Sunday Snapshot


"Äiti, saadaanko me mennä heikoille jäille?" Minun vastaukseni:

"Tottakai, mutta odottakaa että saan kameran valmiiksi..."

Kuvia tämänpäiväiseltä kävelyltä, joka alkoi kävelyllä tiellä, sitten lähdimme seuraamaan leveää metsäpolkua, ja päädyimme heikoille jäille. Ei hätää, annoin vain kumisaappaisten poikien mennä matalalle paikalle, koska minä olin paikalla. Tämän jälkeen ei saakaan mennä jäille, ne todella on heikot! Kaikki kuvat kävelyreissultamme.

PS. Tänään peurat vierailivat pihassamme (taas), Kapteeni ja Missy näkivät hirven tiellä, ja aamulla meillä jahdattiin oravaa olohuoneessa ja keittiössä (vai jahtasiko orava meitä??). Orava kuitenkin päätyi pihalle.. Elämää korvessa!


  1. "...but let the hiking season begin..." Well at least until blackfly season starts!!! ;-) I can only assume that Maine's blackflies are even bigger and meaner than NH's blackflies!!

    Great pics!

  2. Good point, Linda!! That may be a good time to return to Florida for a bit ;-)

  3. Pysyivät sentään pojat pystyssä liukkailla saappailla. Olisi tainnut olla kylmäkylpy, jos olisi pyllähtänyt. Nopeasti on siellä jäät sulamassa, kevät tulee sinnekin.
    meillä on Tampereen seudulla kevät tullut parissa viikossa. Koskaan ennen en ole näin nopeaa lumien sulamista nähnyt. Ei ole ollut edes kunnon kurakelejä.

    Eikö teidän pitänyt lähteä Floridaan kuraa pakoon?


  4. Beautiful photos of the lake with the clouds! And great walk! We went on 2 hikes last week! Oh, and you can get most of the supplies I mentioned for your backpack(s) cheaply at Walmart. Is there one nearby? LOL And yes, those little black flies and mosquitoes can get rough in late spring. (We spray 100% Deet on our CLOTHING.)


  5. Jep, Sirkku, siinä olisi tullut kylmä kylpy :) Ja juu, piti mennä Floridaan mutakaudeksi, mutta näin ne suunnitelmat muuttuu. Uusin on, että Floridaan pahimman ötökkäkauden ajaksi ;-)

    Jessy, thanks for the tip. We had black flies in NH too, but they probably are worse up here. Walmart is an hour away, but I have feeling I'll be visiting there at least twice a month, lol.

  6. I just love reading about your adventures. Makes my life seem easy, but a little dull too! ;)

  7. One Acre Follies, there are days I wish for dullness!!! But honestly, there's a lot of nothing going on here too, I might just not blog about it ;-)

  8. My girls would SO enjoy doing these kinds of things! I am especially thankful for these pictures today as I am tired of staring out of these hospital windows. :/

  9. Ohhhh what fun! I wish I was there... You guys still have snow up there? YUCK. At least we can say the snow is gone down here. Great photos...and good luck with the laundry!

  10. Anna, praying for you!! Especially for you brave little one. I hope you get home soon.

    Yes, Jen - new snow yesterday! That melted quick, but we do still have some mighty snowbanks :)