Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Sunset Tour On Ice/Auringonlasku jäällä

As the shadows lengthened on ice, it was time to bundle up and head out. What started out as mom chasing a sunset picture, ended up turning into a family fun outing on ice at sunset.

We need round this bend in order to get a good view of the sunset.

Mr. D brought his sled and paddle. The ice is quite slick. He is dreaming up how to attach a sail to his sled.

Mr. A and Little Miss traveled by sitting on their knees on their sled, and using arms to push the sled on ice. That was pretty fast too!

Mr. T and Missy tried various different ways to travel on ice. Two legs worked pretty well too.

Stopping to look at snowmobilers passing by. No worries here of the ice not being thick enough. It snows every day, still!

Spring?? What's that?

The weather is actually quite fascinating here. All these photos were taken tonight, within an hour, perhaps. We had sunshine, wind, flurries, and all kinds of colors depending on when and where we looked. So gorgeous!!!!

We also saw deer crossing ice in the distance.

Mandatory group shots!

And that ends our sunset tour on ice. Once our fingers had turned into icicles, we knew it was time to head back inside where a fire and hot cocoa was waiting for us. Good night to all! (I think our crew sleeps well tonight :)


Kaikki kuvat tältä illalta, kun lähdimme metsästämään auringonlaskukuvaa jäälle. Pulkat mukaan, jää oli liukasta - ja paksua edelleen, vielä kulki moottorilkelkatkin ohi. Ja peuroja näkyi kauempana ylittämässä jäätä. Ihana ilta oli, ja uskomatonta kuinka saimme kaikenkirjavat auringonlaskun värit, auringonpaistetta kuin myös lumisadetta - kaikki vajaan tunnin aikana.


  1. Beautiful, 5ennie! LOVE you photos! What ice that is left here on the lakes are soft and unsafe. No more little ice fishing huts everywhere!


  2. Thank you, Jessy!! I'm chuckling here as I just saw my typo 'blurries'. It is changed into flurries now. Too funny :-D
    I am curious to see when we lose the ice - I've heard it could be May!

  3. Upeat maisemat. Kauniit värit. Onnellinen perhe. Huikaisevan ihana kuvasarja.

  4. WOW - What beautiful pictures. Thank you so much for sharing.

    It looks really cold there. I am thankful we seem to be past the snow time of year.


  5. Kiitos, Jutta!! Ihanaa oli, varsinkin kun koko perhe yhdessä menimme <3

    Thank you, Honey! Yes, it is cold still.. Even inside. Can't wait to see what Spring and Summer look like here :) Blessings!!

  6. Wow! We are in Mississippi this week, visiting Cameron's family. It will be around 78 today. Believe it or not, I think I wish I was with you! :) I never thought I'd say that, but I'm getting to where I don't like heat and I HATE humidity!

  7. One Acre Follies: I wish you were here too :)