Thursday, April 14, 2011

Retreat Collage/Retriittikollaasi

You can click on the collage to view larger. Kollaasin voi klikata suuremmaksi.

Our ladies' retreat was held in Biddeford, Maine at the Marie Joseph Spiritual Center. Their vision statement says:

"A Sacred Space"
for persons seeking to encounter God
in solitude,
in stillness,
in the beauty of nature,
in the healing rhythm of the ocean and
in the presence of a praying Community.

As I wrote this post on Monday, it was all that, and more. Next year's dates are already in the calendar!


  1. I'm totally coming with you next year! But can we go when it's warmer?! I'm not cut out for the NE winters anymore!

  2. Lady, oli kyllä!!

    Saina, se on muistaakseni 20.4 ens vuonna, eli ehkä pikkasen lämpöisempi kuin tänä vuonna? Eikä nytkään ollut paha :)