Thursday, April 7, 2011

Good News For Us In The Backwoods

Good news of the day: The UPS guy knows where we are! We actually had to call Amazon's customer service to have our new address added as our shipping address, as the form online kept complaining we didn't have a valid address. Well, we sort of don't - in these sticks you get a post office box, folks. (Forget pizza delivery, too.) But UPS found us, and we promptly made friends with them, as we'll be seeing them often, I'm sure.

And speaking of post office boxes... Today I attempted to pick up our mail at our local post office. It was before 5 pm. The post office closes at 4:15 pm... Welcome to life in Small Town, America! (The grocery store was open, whew!)

Oh, and what did UPS deliver?

Slippers! We love our little lakeside nest so much, we haven't ventured out of town to the closest Wal-Mart yet. Of course, that's an hour drive. Instead, we ordered three pairs of slippers online. (For those of us who didn't have any yet.) I have a feeling we'll need them here year around.

A Keurig coffee maker! Or in our case, a tea maker. Or a hot cocoa maker. This little gadget is perfect for here! Forget boiling or microwaving a pot or cup of water, now we have our hot drinks with a push of a button :) And our guests will have coffee too, even though the Captain and I sadly don't drink it anymore.

Last, but not least - my new boots. The only sign of Spring in our neck of the woods is mud. I have a feeling the groovy pattern on these boots will be hidden by mud tomorrow :) These boots are rated for -40F/C, so they should be perfect for here!

Other good news: according to we have two more nights of below freezing temperatures, then it should warm up. What this means is we can soon open the door to our special room (no heat) where the washer & dryer is! I am looking forward to washing laundry at home again..

Also, I will be heading South tomorrow. Southern Maine, that is, where the temperatures are reaching 60's and it will (almost) feel like Florida! I am leaving all five darlings here with the Captain, and spending quality time with our NH church ladies. I can't wait! The plan also is to drive home to pick up another load of our belongings to bring to our new home (confusing, I know! Where IS home?). I will probably be back to the Bloggy World next week. Have a good weekend, everyone!


  1. LOL 4:15 is pretty good! Glad you got through slippers! It was in the high 50s here today! We were outside raking the part of the yard that isn't still covered with snow! Have fun with friends!


  2. Jessy, our PO in FL had some odd hours too - they totally lived on island time there :)
    50's sounds nice! Have a good weekend :)

  3. That is so typically Amazon.We live in the middle fo a capital city and Hubbys cousins adress is apparently "not valid".He wont use them now LOL!

  4. Ohhoh, miten tällainen yhtäkkinen kahvista luopuminen? Muistelen, että kahvi on ollut tuttu vieras sun postauksissa, sellanen Fazerin suklaaseen verrattava elämän eliksiiri :P

  5. good for you sane UPS driver will drive back here to us in the mountains!

    yes...i'm confused. are you all staying there in maine for a bit?

  6. Jessica, I was grateful the Captain called them - so easy & quick to order from there!

    tyttism, migreenien takia päätin kokeilla luopumista, ja vaikkei ole eroa ololla en ole aloittanut juomaan uudestaan. Tee maistuu nyt :)

    mountain mama, we bought an old camp/lodge here (a long-time dream), and decided to delay our return to FL to spend some time up here in Northern Maine. This place is beautiful but needs a ton of work. Glad you are back from your blogging break <3