Sunday, April 24, 2011

Weekend Highlights/Viikonlopun kohokohtia

Sunday was gorgeous! Our first warm day here in Northern Maine. Mr. A built a fleet of bark boats and did a trial run on the lake. The ice has slowly melted some more, and he can't wait for larger 'seas' for his boats.

Sunday's biggest highlight was having Grandma, Grandpa, Nanny, Aunt & Uncle and cousins come up for the day from Southern Maine. Boy were we glad we didn't have snow falling like on Saturday! Or have an ice storm like we had middle of the week...! All the kids had such a wonderful time playing outside, only coming in for quick breaks.

After family left (and everyone was feeling a bit sad), we decided to enjoy the beautiful day by going on a hike. The woods still had a fair amount of snow, but it is quickly melting.

Saturday's highlight was our first trip to the library. We live in a small town here, and really didn't expect much, but wanted to go check it out anyway. Wow! Great library, great children's area and the surprisingly good selection of books. We will have to restart our weekly library trips as a part of our homeschool program.

I'm linking this post to Stefanie's Sunday Snapshot.

Sunday Snapshot


Viikonlopun kohokohtia olivat lauantain reissu kirjastoon (todella positiivinen yllätys pikkukaupungin kirjastolta!) ja sunnuntain vieraat (isoäiti, isoisä, isoisoäiti, täti, setä ja serkut) etelä-Mainesta. Saimme onneksi kevään ensimmäisen lämpöisen päivän, ja kaikki lapset viihtyivät ulkona koko päivä, ja kun vieraamme lähtivät lähdimme vielä metsään kävelylle.


  1. Beautiful photos! Love the angles! Do you crouch down? I'm always trying to figure that out!

  2. Love your pics!!! You have a beautiful family!!!

  3. Thanks, Jessy!! Yes, I'm so tall I usually crouch down to the kids level :)

    Thank you, Annie!

  4. Great photos ...we need to get back to the library, but i have not been in 2 months..that's too long for us.