Sunday, October 23, 2011

Adventures In Gold Panning/Kullanhuuhdontaseikkailuja


This week we went on an unusual homeschool field trip: gold panning!


This sign was hanging outside the building. Hmmm...


Even though we showed up unannounced, we were able to get a free lesson on gold panning.


We could have purchased all kinds of gold panning equipment, but only ended up renting a shovel and two pans, and bought a vial to hold all the gold we were going to find.


Here's our gold prospectors, ready to strike it rich...!





The peek foliage is past in this part of Maine, but it was still very pretty at the river.



And did we find any gold?


Only fool's gold, but made a ton of fun memories, and a promise to return again. Homeschool field trips are a lot of fun!

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Tällä viikolla menimme erikoiselle kotikoulureissulle - huuhtomaan kultaa! Vuokrasimme pari pannua ja lapion, saimme ilmaisen opetuksen kuinka kultaa huuhdotaan, ja niin vietimme pari tuntia joella. Kaikki kokeilimme, meillä kaikilla oli todella hauskaa, kukaan ei kastunut ihan kokonaan, ja kaikki haluamme mennä uudestaan joku päivä. Ainoa kulta mitä saimme oli katinkulta, mutta päätimme että ensi kerralla paremmalla onnella. Kiva reissu oli, ja vaikka hehkein ruska oli jo mennyt ohi, oli silti todella kaunista.


  1. Oh, neat! My kids would love to do this! They used to have it at Earth Science Day this morning, but the last couple of years they haven't. :(

  2. Jessy, if you head our way let's take the kids gold panning :) It was 1/2 off rentals this time of the year.

  3. What fun! I've never panned for gold in a river, just at the local gold mine sluiceway. I'm sure your kids will remember that field trip for a long time to come!
    And the leaves along the river are BEAUTIFUL ~ we're still waiting for our leaves to change here in central NC.

  4. What a fun field trip...we love field trips at our house. I have a few planned for this school year, but we have not went on one of them yet. We need've inspired me to take a field trip.

  5. Oh my word. What a fantastic field trip! I love that you had this adventure! What fun! I would love for my child to go on something like this. I think you must be the best teacher EVER!

  6. What an awesome field trip! WE love to head out and find adventures... panning for gold sounds awesome, we need to add this to our list! We want to head to Arkansas and dig for Diamonds next summer with friends!
    Beautiful place to pan too!

  7. looks beautiful, {{cold}} & fun! thanks for sharing your gold diggin' adventure with us!

  8. Kristi, we are now waiting for SNOW! Supposedly tonight..

    Martha, I hope you get to go soon! I have found field trips to be necessary so we don't get too serious here. Of course we call every outing a field trip, lol.

    Life with Kaishon - thank you for your kind words!! I really am not. But praying God fills the gaps in my children's education!!

    Gayly, digging for diamonds sounds fantastic!!

    You're welcome, jdavis2!! If I didn't blog about these things I'd forget we did them :)