Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Virginia & Back/Virginiaan ja takaisin


Craziness!! Our poor blog is getting neglected because of plain craziness. Better do a quick recap:

- Two weeks ago my mom flies in to Maine from my sister's to visit us
- April 30th we get the floor folks to come in and start working on the floors in the main lodge
- May 2nd The Captain and I drive into NH to fly into Virginia {to my sister's}
- May 3rd we rent a U-Haul and fill it 1/2 way with our furniture from my sister's garage {with the help of her two pastors ~ thank you!!!}
- May 3rd we start driving north, make it only to Delaware, first sleeping in the truck, then at a motel
- May 4th we drive through Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut and Massachusetts into New Hampshire
- & Stay the night at our friends' house
- May 5th we pick up a dishwasher & double oven
- May 6th we fill the rest of the truck with furniture from my in-laws' house where we've been storing it this past year (barely making a dent)
- & May 6th arrive back in the sticks, floor is not dry yet


Since then the floors were finished, dried, and we've started bringing furniture in. Some rooms are still under construction, but we are finally getting there!!! Today we got an oven, yay!

This all, of course, is on top of trying to finish our homeschool year, and trying to be organized to leave Maine. Yes, we are leaving Maine and flying to Florida next week! Craziness!!!


Täällä on ollut ihan hulluutta vaan. Äitini tuli meille kaksi viikkoa sitten, ja siitä lähtien on taas ollut ihan hullunmyllyä koko elämä. Kyllä pistää miettimään, että Kapteeni ja minä teemme elämämme niin hankalaksi kuin mahdollista:) Viime viikolla lensimme Virginiaan, vuokrasimme rekan, ja toimme huonekalujamme siskoni autotallista pohjoiseen, sillä välin kun pohjoisessa hiottiin, petsattiin ja lakattiin lattioita. Matkalla poimimme mukaamme astianpesukoneen ja uunit, sekä anoppilasta lisää huonekalujamme. Siitä lähtien olemme siivonneet ja sisustaneet, vaikka remontti jatkuu osissa taloa. Tietty kotikoulun ja muun arjen ohessa, ja ensi viikolla on myös lähtö Mainestä takaisin Floridaan. Hulluutta!!!


  1. Oh my goodness....I got tired just reading that post. :) You must be exhausted. But the house looks BEAUTIFUL. Love the floors!!!! How exciting!

  2. The lodge is turning out beautiful! But life sounds nutty for you. Things are super crazy for us right now too but thankfully our total home remodel was a couple of years ago so we don't have to worry about that part in the craziness. I love the floors!

  3. I think you MUST truly love the life when it is totally messed up, don't you. I mean you need challenges in life like we all do I guess but you guys seem to have chosen diferently about the challenges. Well, the good thing is that your family, sitting in the same boat, is flexible and able to cope and follow. I doubt mine would do the same. Or better I am sure it won't work out. Good for you because you experience a lot more about what there is in life. Hugs and thanks for sharing.

  4. Wow! You have had a lot going on. I am behind as well. Lots happening 'round here too. Today is catch up day. :) The floors look AMAZING!! :)

  5. Thank you, Meredith and Gayly! Happy Mother's Day <3 We stayed in the house last night for the first time!

    Jutta, I don't know.. We are nuts, I know. But hey - never dull:) Hyvää äitienpäivää!

    Kiitos, Peurankello<3

    Anna, I'm SO EXCITED for you!!!! Coming over to congratulate you:)

  6. Good for you!

    You wrote: "We are nuts, I know."
    I write: I know, you are not!

    Have a blessed Ascension Day!

  7. Nurkkalintu, nyt kyllä väitän vastaan:) Käy vaikka kurkkaamassa toisesta blogista uusimman postauksen, heh heh.

  8. Kävin jo toisessakin blogissa. Pysyn kannassani :)
    Harmittelen silti matkanne varrella olleita "rappuja ja ryppyjä".
    Siunausta viikonloppuun!